DVD of Amen


The DVD of Amen, a short  film based on noted equal-rights activist Harish Iyer's life is releasing on  October 5. The  same day ashis idol Sridevi's much hyped comeback vehicle "english vinglish".

On being asked why october 5, the director Judhajit Bagchi said "Harish Iyer is arguably Sridevi's biggest fan. And this is a world-known fact. We couldn't think of any other auspicious day".

Harish Iyer, recently stated in Satyamev Jayate that Sridevi's films that build an imaginary world as a protection cover around him,  helped him cope with trauma of 11 years of child sexual abuse. We caught him in a chirpy mood when he exclaimed ;I'm overwhelmed, this is the second best gift I have received. Sridevi gifted me a second lease of life and my life will be owned on DVD exactly on the day when she hits her second innings".

Valentina Erath the austrian presenter of the film says "it's been a long battle with the indian censors. And finally the DVD is out thereto own and on Harish's most precious day" .

Noted television star  Karan Mehra (Yug in life Ok's Amrit Manthan) plays Harish (harry)  in "Amen". When we asked him about the release date Karan quick came the  reply from Karan ;I am also an obsessed Sri fan.  And I have  fallen in love with Harish while being him in Amen. So I am doubly happy"

The film breaks de bunks stereotypes and raises several pertinent questions.   Visit www.bit.ly/AMENdvd for copy of this critically acclaimed classic that has won appreciation the world over.


Ranadeep Bhattacharyya & Judhajit Bagchi

NTSC | English



Expected Delivery Time - 10 Days


DVD releasing on 05 October 2012
Expected Delivery Time: 5 days
The World Wide Web brings the two protagonists, Andy and Harry, together on a nonchalant afternoon. But this planned sex date takes an unexpected twist. Interactions between Andy and Harry go beyond physical pleasure bringing out questions on CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, SEXUALITY & IDENTITY. Amenmakes two characters meet, experience hope amidst confusion, explore truths about sexuality and the self and delves into the profound meaning of life in the continuum of its trifles.
 "Amen is inspired by the life of prominent equal rights activist Harish Iyer."
Awarded ‘Best Indian Narrative Short’ at Kashish Mumbai International Film Festival, Mumbai

Awarded ‘IDPA Gold Award Best Scriptwriting for Short Fiction’ at the 50th IDPA Awards.

Amen is the only Indian film on the list of “30 Best LGBT Films of the World” at the Iris Prize 2011.
Amen, having premiered at the I View New York Film Fest, has till date played at over 30 international and national film festivals spanning 5 continents, including the prestigious New Fest New York, Paris Film Festival, Rio Film Fest, New Zealand Film Fest, Seattle Film Fest and Berlin Short Film Fest. 

Director Details

Ranadeep and Judhajit  are advertising and film professionals with experience in the making of over two hundred ad films and award winning corporate films to their credit.  www.youtube.com/thedeepjeet.

Yaanus Films was initiated with ′Amen′ by the duo to give voice to issues that seldom find an expression in cinema.

Cast Details

Karan Mehra as Harry & Jitin Gulati as Andy

Crew Details

Presenter: Valentina Erath
Production House: Yaanus Films
Written Produced & Directed by : Ranadeep Bhattacharyya & Judhajit Bagchi 
Cinematography: Varun Sud
Editing: Judhajit Bagchi
Production Design: Ranadeep Bhattacharyya
Original Music Score: Jonathon Fessenden
Sound Design: Anil Kumar Konakandla


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