Play it Cool with Refreshing Society Iced Teas

Mumbai, May 2019: The World's Fair held at St. Louis in the hot summer of 1904 is notably remembered for one thing – the popularization of Iced Tea. Given the soaring temperature(s), everyone flocked to the stalls selling this delightful beverage and soon, it became a requisite in all households, especially during the warm season(s). With the onset of hot and sweaty days, one has to tackle the heat via different ways – but sometimes, it can get difficult to stay away from the sweltering sun.

Keeping this in mind, we at Society Tea created a concoction specially designed to keep our bodies cool from within - whilst being a treat for our taste-buds – so that it can be everyone’s go-to magic potions for the right fix!

From Lemon and Peach + Apricot flavours in the Instant Black Tea Premix range to Lemon and Raw mango flavours in the Instant Green Tea Premix range - Society Iced Teas are premixes which are prepared by adding cold water and ice.

They are a great alternative to other sweetened beverages which may contain artificial colors. The product is a refreshing beverage with no artificial flavours or colours whilst being an excellent source of antioxidants.

Sounds tea-riffic, right? Well, so will your experience be!
So, without further ado, stock up your shelves with one of the strongest weapons against the searing sun – Society Iced Teas!
What: Society Iced Teas | Instant Black Tea premix (Lemon and Peach + Apricot flavours) | Instant Green Tea premix (Lemon and Raw Mango flavours).

Price: INR 30 each


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