Mrs. Eco International The Journey goes on, for Shweta Chaudhary

“A warm colourful year”, that’s how Miss Shweta Chaudhary former Mrs. Eco International 2018 would address her year 2018 as and the last six months of the present year. Shweta Chaudhary Mrs India Earth 2017-18, was born and brought up in the city of Shiva and Ganges at Varanasi India and is celebrated as a model, actor, healer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  She is the personification of Generosity, Valour and Confidence.

Her crowning year 2018 is an embellishment to her achievements. Before being chosen for this title, in Las Vegas, USA, she did her best to serve her society and spread awareness. This title has given her a solid platform to act upon her words.

Her connect with sustainable living started long before holding the title Mrs Eco International. She was devoted at working for the blind and disabled, helping with mental wellness is some of her contributions towards the environment and society on various levels. She has also been contributing towards Women Hygiene, Women Safety and Government driven Clean India with several NGO’S. The former Mrs Eco International has adopted 400 girls and has pledged to provide for their education. With this title and work she has been recognised by various government bodies in India for her work. Shweta has been appointed by the Government of India as the brand ambassador for Swachh Bharat. A clean India movement. She is also the face of Namami Gange, a government led project for the revival of River Ganges and water conservation. She has planted 27000 trees across the nation and led a program of making 10000 seed balls.

She is a mother of two adorable children – Swadha and Agastya and believes that her Family is her pillar of strength that continues to support her at every step of life. On 24th June she passed on the crown to Mrs Philippines, Shiela Deforest In Las Vegas at the ceremony held by Kristin Chucci, Owner of Earth Pageants Inc and International Director of Mrs ECO International. But her halo of Hope, hard work will stay with her. Talking to us she said, “It’s not an end but beginning of my new journey. From here my smiles, fears and challenges will have a new meaning. It’s a point in your story where one chapter ends to start with new”


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