Kovai.co inaugurates new office to shape the future of the SaaS ecosystem in Coimbatore · “The 40,000 Sq. ft office space is a fusion of modern aesthetics with traditional elements to inspire collaboration and innovation.” · “Expands Kovai.co connect program to build world-class talent pool”

by Shrutee K

Coimbatore, India – December 22, 2021 - Kovai.co, a multi-product enterprise SaaS company specializing in enterprise integration and knowledge management space based out of Coimbatore, India, and London, UK., today inaugurated their 40,000 Sq. ft new office in Coimbatore. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of the state’s Principal Secretary for IT (TN)  - Dr. Neeraj Mittal, IAS.

Kovai.co powers nearly 2000+ enterprise customers globally and within the last 18 months, the company has grown from a 60-member team to 250+ due to strong business growth, new product launches, and acquisitions. As Kovai.co aims to become a SaaS-Unicorn by 2030 and build markets in India and globally, the new office is the focal point for their team to experience state-of-the-art facilities, find the right work-life balance, collaboration, and entertainment & engagement.

Mr. Saravana Kumar, Founder & CEO of Kovai.co said,” We believe this new office space will be our Centre of excellence for innovation in new product development and customer acquisition. We also want to use this premises to the full extent for the “Kovai.co Connect” Program - to further find passionate people, nurture them, and help them grow in all aspects of the SaaS business, from product development to marketing.”

“We want our team to return to office in a phased manner. Most of our employees haven’t met, so while we want them to break the ice, we also will place safety as priority. As a team we will continue to aspire to make Coimbatore the next-big SaaS hub in the country,” he added.

Commenting on Kovai.co’s new office inauguration, Principal Secretary for Information Technology for Government of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Neeraj Mittal, IAS, said, “In the recent years, startup and product ecosystem in the country has picked up steam, with software companies spearheading the growth - especially in our state of Tamil Nadu. Our focus is to build multiple world-class IT ecosystems across the state as it helps to spur economic growth evenly. With SaaS product companies like Kovai.co expanding their mainstream operations in cities like Coimbatore, they create elite career opportunities, leading to harmonious living and retention of the talent pool in the region. This trend is welcoming, and I am delighted to be a part of this special occasion.”

Kovai.co has spent over $1.3 million on the interiors - with art that best reflects the culture of the company, and design with modern technology and functional furniture that best integrates physical, human, and digital channels. The new open space work environment is to seed ideas, with entertainment sections to boost team energy and a town hall to meet and engage. The office is built keeping in mind the modernity and flexibility - and how a future workplace should be.

About Kovai.co: Kovai.co is a multi-product enterprise SaaS company specializing in enterprise integration and knowledge management space based out of Coimbatore, India and London, UK. Kovai.co is a technology partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises to manage and monitor their Microsoft BizTalk and Azure Serverless environments. Kovai.co’s product team consists of thinkers and innovators who are re-defining the way robust Enterprise Software and SaaS products are built.


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