First Indian Credentialed as HIV Specialist from AAHIVM Washington, USA

by Shrutee K/DNS
India, February 4, 2019: It is a proud moment for Indians as well as country’s medical fraternity as Dr. Matin Ahmad Khan becomes the first Indian to be credentialed as HIV Specialist from American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) Washington, USA.
Speaking of his achievement, Dr. Matin Ahmad Khan, PhD in Medicine by Research in HIV Medicine said, “The topic of HIV started to enthral me when I was in my 3rd year MBBS. Back then, our teachers used to organize seminars on HIV AIDS with limited access to information as there was no search engine like we have today. I was curious to know more on the subject matter. With avid interest, my knowledge of the subject grew but the challenge was to find an institution facilitating specialization in the subject. It was a blessing when the re-owned school of Tropical Medicine Kolkata started fellowship in HIV medicine in 2006.Although, it was very tough to get through, I got selected. After completing my fellowship, I started looking for an option to do PH.D in HIV medicine but as far as my knowledge goes, in India, none of the reputed universities offered the same,” said Dr. Matin Ahmad Khan,.
It came as a breakthrough for Dr. Matin when he came to know about an overseas institution that was offering specialization in his subject of interest.
“After completing MBBS, MPH, MMSc (HIV Medicine), PhD and Fellowship (HIV Medicine) by Research from The University of Central Nicaragua (UCN) in academic guidance and affiliation with Texila American University, I was credentialed as an HIV Specialist from American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), Washington, USA.
There were many challenges I had faced during my academic journey one of them was monetary support which was taken care of by TAU as they helped me with scholarship to support my studies. Next challenge was the social stigma attached to HIV. Patients were scared to be a part of my research that I had to do as a part of my thesis for PhD. Between the window period of 2007(fellowship) to 2017(PhD), I tried to cover almost everything related to HIV medicine, be it physical, social, programmatic, research, clinical and testing and in the process I completed Master in sociology, psychology, counselling, clinical research, biochemistry &AAHIVS. I am proud to say that I am the only PhD in HIV medicine in the country and Texila American University has played a pivotal role in this,” says Dr. Matin.


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