Indulge into some head to toe rejuvenation with The Beauty Co.’s Tea Tree Essential Oil

by Shrutee K/DNS
Essential oils have gained prominence in the recent times and have also been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. To simplify your struggle on a daily basis, The Beauty Co. has come up with tea tree essentials oil to give you an experience that is natural, pure, and revitalising for your body and mind.
Our daily fight to feed our skin, hair and senses with something natural and free of chemicals continues with increasing pollution in the environment. From giving you glorious skin to making your house smell fresher than ever, adding essential oils to your personal medicine and beauty cabinet can make a world of difference.

Tea Tree Essential Oil- INR 350

The Tea Tree Essential Oil possesses anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties. This oil is a highly effective potion when it comes to treating signs of ageing, acne and pimples. Light and non-sticky, it purifies the skin from within and prevents sudden acne breakouts, giving you cleaner, clearer, smoother skin. Also, it soothes scars, redness or other skin infections and heals cuts and wounds instantly. That is the reason the oil for historically used in first-aid kits during wars for being a potent healer. Besides, it promotes healthy hair growth giving them a smooth finesse.

About The Beauty Co.: 
The Beauty Co. presents a premium range of women’s grooming products that will boost their confidence at every stage. Our vast portfolio of products includes four main categories – Hair, Body, Skin, and Teeth. Beauty and Skin Care products like shampoos, essential oils, coffee scrubs, masks and teeth whitening powders make up for the perfect pamperment kits for today’s modern woman.
At The Beauty Co. these products are carefully crafted and mindfully made with love to suit every woman’s needs. Made from natural ingredients, these products are pure, gentle, no-fuss-easy-to-use in their dressing room and sometimes even on the go! Our compact packaging makes it convenient to carry wherever these women who Keep Killing It.

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