Youva Expands its Non-paper Stationery range with the all-new Youva Glue Sticks

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai, Date: 23rd December 2019: Youva, the domestic stationery brand from the house of Navneet, recently launched ‘Youva Glue Sticks’ in their non-paper stationery category. These glue sticks are designed keeping in mind that its usage varies across different age groups. They come in bright, contemporary packing in red and blue as these colours are universal & attractive.

The Youva glue sticks are: Non-Toxic, Acid Free, Odourless (Free from any pungent smell), Photo Safe (Can be easily used to stick photos, without any worry of leaving any stains on photos). The Non-Messy Youva Glue Sticks can be used for all the sticking & pasting needs such as School Projects, Artwork and Decorations. This glue stick will be the ideal one the customer would need for all his/her gumming needs since they come in 4 sizes: 6gm, 8gm, 15gm and 25 gm.

The product has a minimum shelf life of 2 years & does not yellow with time. The Youva glue sticks come with superior quality of adhesive & airtight caps for maximum consumer satisfaction.

Commenting on the launch of Youva Glue Stick, Chief Strategy officer and spokesperson of Youva, Abhijit Sanyal, said, “We are very proud to extend our non-paper stationery range. Gluesticks is a common art product used in households, corporate sector and in educational institutions. We, as a brand, have created glue sticks with various benefits and great features. We are confident that the product will be well accepted by consumers. We look forward to creating more such products which are not only customer friendly but also easy to use.”

About Youva: Launched by Navneet in 2016, Youva is a stationery brand for paper and non-paper stationery – the proposition “Youva - It’s cool!” is designed keeping the youth of India in mind. The youngsters of today are the path makers of tomorrow. To cater to their choices and their way of thinking, we made Youva. Every product of Youva resonates with the ideology, passion, and enthusiasm of young India.

About Navneet Education Ltd: Navneet Education Limited (formerly known as Navneet Publication India Limited) was established in 1959, is an educational syllabus-based content provider in print & digital medium, manufacturer of scholastic Paper stationery, publisher of general & children’s books and also has a wide range of Scholastic Non-Paper Stationery products. Navneet has state-of-art manufacturing facilities in Virar (near Mumbai), Guma, Dantali and Silvassa (Union Territories bordering Maharashtra and Gujarat). Over the decades, Navneet has emerged as the preferred brand for Educational Products among teachers and students in India. Its products are sold under the brands ‘Navneet’, ‘Vikas’, ‘Gala’, ‘Grafalco’, ‘Youva’ and ‘HQ’. NEL, stationery division was introduced in the year 1990 and in less than a year, the division managed to strike a chord with the target audience. The pillars of Navneet business are quality products, excellent distribution channel, innovative cover designs, product information transparency and availability.


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