Prameya Health Launches Online Supportive Care Program for Parkinson’s Patients

Prameya Health’s FENS Supportive Care for persons with Parkinson’s Disease, delivered online, provides key components of supportive care like Physiotherapy and Yoga, Speech Therapy, Psychological Counselling for patients and caregivers and Diet and Nutrition

 by Shrutee K/DNS

BENGALURU / April , 2021: Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disease that affects a part of the brain called Basal Ganglia. It impacts various systems of the body like muscles and joints, walking and balance, speech and swallowing, digestive system, psychological well-being, memory issues, etc. In addition to treatment &  medications, Supportive Care is an essential component of the overall well-being of Parkinson’s patients.  The objectives of Supportive Care are to help patients maintain an acceptable quality of life and provide support to the family and caregivers

Prameya Health, the preventive and supportive care experts, have launched an online program for supportive care for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. A team of healthcare specialists led by Dr. Sneha BS (PT), Neuro-Physiotherapist will run this program. Sessions on physiotherapy, yoga and meditation, speech therapy, psychological wellbeing, diet and nutrition, and spiritual and mindful practices would be offered.

Said Dr. Sandhya Ravi, MD and Breast Specialist, Prameya Health: “The elements of supportive care revolve around four dimensions: Functional, Emotional, Nutritional and Spiritual, or the FENS dimensions of care. Prameya Health’s FENS Supportive Care for Parkinson’s Patients addresses these dimensions in a holistic manner with group therapy sessions.

Added Dr. Sneha BS (PT): “There is an overwhelming need today for supportive care for Parkinson’s patients. The therapy involves multiple experts from different areas. Accessing all of them on one single platform is challenging for anyone. While most Parkinson’s patients take physiotherapy and speech therapy frequently, they are unaware of other therapies that can prove beneficial to them. Offering all these necessary elements under one holistic program would tremendously help patients improve their quality of life. Such supportive therapy interventions help Parkinson’s patients to improve muscle strength and flexibility, overcome balance and walking difficulties, and speak and communicate better. It also enables patients and caregivers to manage their emotions, tackle stress, anxiety and depression, and reduce dependency on others for routine activities.”

Added Dr. Sandhya Ravi: “Prameya Health’s online program, accessible to Parkinson’s patients across the country, has been designed to address all their needs. We carefully looked at all aspects of this progressive brain disorder and set specific goals for patients and caregivers. To make the program more affordable and accessible, we decided on online delivery. This will enable patients to receive all supportive care therapies from the comfort of their home. Also, both patients and caregivers can attend the same session online. This would help caregivers understand patient needs and provide necessary support during practice. “It is important that patients start with supportive therapies as soon as they are diagnosed. The earlier the intervention, the better the outcomes.”

Experts and  specialists in Parkinson’s Disease have felt that it is important to set specific goals for patients and care givers. Additionally, there is lot of evidence to support this approach.

As part of Prameya Health’s FENS Supportive Care for Parkinson’s Patients, Dr. Sneha BS (PT), Neuro-physiotherapist, will teach exercises to address weakness, stiffness, imbalance, postural problems and difficulty in walking. A Senior Yoga Therapist, Swati Raghavendra will teach yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation sessions. A Speech and Language Pathologist will support patients tackle difficulties in speech and swallowing through special exercises. A nutritionist will show the concepts of eating right and overcome problems such as constipation and acidity. A Psychologist will help tackle emotional problems faced by patients and caregivers both. The program also has a unique concept of a Spiritual Mentor who would promote a mindful way of living and assist patients to look inwards and make peace with the disease. There are also recreational activities for patients such as art, dance and music therapy.

Prameya Health specializes in preventive and supportive care for patients suffering from cancer, lifestyle diseases, and neurological disorders.

For more information about Prameya Health’s FENS Supportive Care for Parkinson’s Patients, please visit


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