Wadhwani Advantage launches an Acceleration Program exclusively dedicated to Healthcare Industry

The program focuses on assisting businesses across the spectrum, from manufacturers of medical devices to pharmaceutical firms and healthcare delivery providers

by Shrutee K/DNS 

New Delhi 20th April, 2021: As the COVID pandemic has had a significant negative impact on global health, economy and society, medical companies and experts are now poised to tap the many opportunities and build the future of the healthcare industry.

In order to accelerate the process, the unique Wadhwani Advantage program empowers businesses in the healthcare sector having the capabilities to accelerate their economic growth by 2x-10x with the help of automated 'Business Discovery and Transformation Tools'. The Wadhwani Advantage program includes 1-12 months of engagement and offers up to three years of hand-holding support enabled through a personalized Artificial Intelligence led business acceleration process.

This program aims to ignite the growth of businesses in the healthcare sector, accelerate revenues and free cash flows to fund growth for maximizing their growth potential through ‘Do-It-Yourself (DIY)’discovery and business solution tool kits and other knowledge resources using AI-enabled automated logic and personalized interventions. Wadhwani Advantage has partnered with Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED), Voice of Healthcare (VOH) and Xynteo Vikaasato leverage synergies in the healthcare space.

Those businesses interested in applying can do so at:http://bit.ly/WAProgramApplication-MarketingCampaign

The goal is to strengthen the business ecosystem without any commercial expectations.The Wadhwani Advantage offerings are high-quality interventions without charging any price. The curated advisors will offer pro bono and subsidizedor success-based fees, if needed, to help the businesses to finish their transformation journey and be certified by Wadhwani Advantage.

Speaking on the program, Samir Sathe, Executive Vice President, Wadhwani Advantage at Wadhwani Foundation, said“Healthcare is a key focus area for Wadhwani Foundation. This program seeks to enable acceleration of enterprises, which are able to address some of the largest and neglected areas of the healthcare system in India. Through this program, we aim to strengthen the Indian healthcare sector by supporting and empowering business enterprises in the sector.We aim to build partnerships with leading healthcare ecosystem stakeholders to jointly represent the voice of the healthcare businesses and work for their enablement.”

Wadhwani Advantage has come up with its own proprietary Wadhwani Index and Scoring system that would set the goals for performance improvement. The proprietary automated discovery tool is designed to empower the businesses to measure performance on the basis of 27 key performance indicators, with eight among them as the most important ones, across the seven quarters in the past and into the future and also allows these companies to compare themselves with industry benchmarks. The committed consultants engaged with the program will assist the businesses in using this tool and help the Healthcare component companies aspire towards industry leadership.

The Wadhwani Advantage program has built tens of scenarios for each of the indicators and has used automated intelligence and logic to recommend the appropriate transformation projects that the small businesses must undertake to transform and accelerate their growth.

Those businesses interested in applying can do so at:http://bit.ly/WAProgramApplication-MarketingCampaign

About Wadhwani Advantage:Wadhwani Advantage is an Initiative of Wadhwani Foundation, a global philanthropy; it empowers business entrepreneurs with capabilities to realize their business growth potential through a personalized AI-led acceleration program. The automated business consulting services provided by Wadhwani Advantage aim to maximize the growth potential of businesses. The program includes 1-12 months of engagement to help achieve acceleration in business growth and offers up to three years of hand-holding support enabled through the Wadhwani AI-enabled technology platform.


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