On 55th Raising Day Ceremony at the Attari-Wagah Border Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka Presented a Tricolour Banner to the Brave Indian Soldiers of the BSF

by Shrutee K/DNS

On the eve of the BSF’s 55th Raising Day, Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka and his renowned Social Awareness Organisation Ample Mission proudly presented a Tricolour Banner as a gift of love to the brave Indian soldiers of the BSF during a ceremony at the Attari-Wagah border. The Tricolour banner, when unfurled is nearly 72 meters long with hundreds of signatures and messages that the campaign has so far attracted from students studying in hundreds of schools and colleges across the city of Mumbai. This kind of activity was done here for the first time and the BSF Officials were extremely delighted and accepted the Tricolour banner as a token of love and appreciation from them. Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka, his son Sidhaant and their entire family.

The Tricolour banner material has been specially woven for this signature drive by skilled textile industry experts to ensure that the quality and color on the fabric is long-lasting and technically can be folded back together in its entirety easily. The Tricolour banner had toured across hundreds of kilometers to reach many young students, India's future.

The signature campaign has been designed as an important tool to educate and inspire the youth about the valor and sacrifices of our valiant Armed forces. “We want them to be able to express their gratitude to the brave soldiers who are safeguarding the nation's boundaries day and night. Through this initiative, we hope to keep the fire of "Desh Prem" burning in every young Indian's hearts” said Dr. Aneel Murarka. He is the Grandson of Freedom Fighter Late Shri Chiranjilal Murarka. Through this initiative, he intends to bridge the void between the youth and our defense personnel through this signature campaign which was undertaken over the many months, to collect heartfelt messages from the youth of India and sow the seeds of patriotism in their young minds and hearts for our nation’s great future.


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