ITC Sunfeast Mom’s Magic survey finds that 90% Indians miss calls from their mothers at least once a week

Sunfeast Mom's Magic's specially composed ringtone can be used as an identifier for a mom's calls anywhere 

by Shrutee

Bangalore,November, 2021:  All of us get numerous phone calls every day but we try and never miss important calls. We all love our moms, but out of all the calls that we get, we end up missing most calls from our mom, possibly thinking that we can call her back anytime. A survey was conducted by Sunfeast Mom's Magic, ITC's premium cookie brand, to understand this behaviour/insight. According to the survey, around 90% people missed their mothers’ calls at least once a week. Many times, when people were either at work or outside with friends, they ended up missing their mom’s calls. Actress Kareena Kapoor, a mother of two herself, lends her support to the brand’s#NoMoreMissedCallsFromMom initiative by urging everyone to not let their mothers’ calls go unanswered.   

The brand has released a film in which it has asked people to share their stories about the type of phone calls they receive in a day. The film reflects on the finding that people rarely missed a call from their boss, friends or their partner. And then, participants were asked ‘How often do you answer your mother’s call?’ The participants were played a clip shot of their mothers, where the moms express their sentiments about why they like to stay in touch with their children and how they feel if the phone call goes unanswered. The film ends with a solution in the form of Sunfeast Mom's Magic Ringtone that can be set against their mom’s contact. If anybody’s phone rings with this ringtone, others would recognise that it is a call from the Mom and can encourage them to pick up the call. 

Link to the Film:

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits & Cakes Cluster, Foods Division, ITC Limited said, “Mothers are an irreplaceable aspect of our lives and yet, a majority of us are unable to prioritize her during a working day/ week.  While many people make efforts to keep in touch with their partners, friends and colleagues, they sometimes fail to prioritise calls from their Moms. A short conversation with a mother can ease her concerns and provide the reassurance that she needs. With the #NoMoreMissedCallsFromMom campaign, we hope to create larger awareness about this issue and encourage people to answer/ return their mothers calls.” 

Celebrity mothers Soni Razdan and Bhavna Panday have lent their support to the campaign via social media, by putting out short videos sharing a mothers’ perspective.  

Their videos can be viewed here: 

Soni Razdan -

Bhavna Panday -

Sharing her personal experience, Soni Razdan said, “There are countless calls we receive every day from friends, colleagues, etc., and we never miss any of them. Somehow, when our moms call, we always tell her "I'll call you back later.” Every day, lakhs of calls from moms go unanswered. Let's fix it now. In introducing an exclusive Mom's Magic ringtone, Sunfeast has done a wonderful thing for moms, so her calls are never left unanswered! My daughters Alia and Shaheen have already set this ringtone for me, so they never miss my calls anymore. Now it's your turn. Encourage your friends and colleagues to answer the call if they hear this ringtone on their phone. Let's make sure nobody misses their Mom's call.” 

Adding another perspective, Bhavna Panday shared, “Ananya and Rysa would sit next to me when they were children, talking to me for hours on their toy phones. Both of them are so busy these days, and they rarely answer their phones when they are occupied with work or shoots. Now they both use Mom's Magic Ringtone whenever I call so that people around them also know it is their mom calling and they need to answer. I urge all of you to download the Moms Magic ringtone, and set it as your Moms ringtone. Even when you hear it on other people's phones, encourage them to answer the call.” 

Download the Sunfeast Mom's Magic Ringtone by calling +91 9740001202.  


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