Kyle Kumaran wins Sr. National Rotax Karting title, Peregrine Racing claim overall honours

by Shrutee K

Bengaluru, Nov 30: Young racer Kyle Kumaran turned in yet another sterling performance to clinch the Senior Max title in the Meco FMSCI National Karting Championship Rotax Max class 2021 at the Meco Kartopia Track, near on the outskirts of Bengaluru in wet conditions.

The 18-year-old racer looked to be in supreme form and won all but one race to not only pocket his maiden national title but also helped his team Peregrine Racing win the Team Championship in the senior category.  

The UAE-based racer from Thiruchirapalli, dominated the season finishing first in all the five final races and four out of five pre-final races. Kyle, who last week won the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Nations Cup in DD2 class, also won the driver of the year award and bagged other prizes for most number of wins and poles. His team-mate Suriyavarathan finished second in the championship while the 2012 champion Ameya Bafna could only finish third.

“This is my first championship in India and I am glad we won it. We were consistent and my team Peregrine Racing did a good job and supported me well. I am looking forward to the Rotax Max World Finals. Wearing India colours and racing for Team INDIA is a proud moment and I am eagerly looking forward to the Grand Finals in Bahrain,” said Kumaran. 

In the junior section, MSport's Ruhaan Alva who won the Senior title in X30, won his maiden Rotax Max National in this class. Rohaan Madesh, who broke his chain in the final round, saw Abhay pip him to the second spot, while the young Peregrine racer from Bengaluru had to be content with a third place.

Birel Art India's Aditya Suresh Kamat became the Micro Max National champion. In a battle between the teammates from MSport Madurai's Anuj A sidestepped Sheikh Arafath from Pune.

While Peregrine won the Team title in the Senior Max class, MSport and Birel Art India shared the honours in the Junior Max and Micro Max categories respectively. All three champions have booked a ticket to the Rotax Max Grand Finals scheduled to be held in Bahrain from December 11 to 18.

 Final Results – Fifth and final Round:

Senior Max

Pre-Final: (15 laps): 1. MR Rishon (Birel Art – Bengaluru) (12:34.733); 2. Kyle Kumaran (Peregrine Racing – Bengaluru) (12:35.282); 3. K Surya Varathan (Peregrine Racing – Coimbatore) (12:37.710). Fastest lap: K Suriya Varathan 57.537.

Final: (18 laps): 1. Kyle Kumaran (Peregrine Racing) (21:06.932); 2. MR Rishon (Birel Art – Bengaluru) (21:07.450); 3. Divy Nandan (NK Racing – Gurugoan) (21:08.442). Fastest lap: Ameya Bafna 1:08.497. 

Junior Max

Pre Final: (12 laps): 1. Rohaan Madesh (Peregrine Racing - Bengaluru) (11:00.388); 2. Ishaan Madesh (Peregrine - Bengaluru) 11:00.834; 3. Jaden R Pariat (MSport - Guwahati) (11:01.304); Fastest lap: Ruhaan Alva 54.095.

Final: (15 laps): 1. Ruhaan Alva (MSport) (15:00.630); 2. Veer Sheth (NK Racing Academy - Mumbai) (14:08.638); 3. Abhay M (Birel Art India - Bengaluru) (15:10.851); Fastest lap: Ruhaan Alva 57.186. 

Micro Max

Pre-Final (10 laps): 1. Arafath Sheikh (MSport - Pune) (10:13.852); 2. Vedha Vishnu (MSport - Chennai) (10:16.803); 3. Nikhilesh Raju (Birel Art –Bengaluru) (10:19.519). Fastest lap: Aditya Suresh Kumar (Bengaluru) 1:00.133.

Final: (12 Laps): 
1. Aditya Suresh Kumar (Birel Art - Bengaluru) 15:23.451; 2. Vedha Vishnu (MSport - Chennai) (15:23.666); 3. Shrili Mistry (Erda’s Racing – Vadodara) (15:31.279). Fastest lap: Vedha Vishnu 1:14.274.  

2021 Rotax Max Indian National Champions and Top-3:

Senior Max: 1. Kyle Kumaran (Peregrine Racing - Bengaluru/UAE) 441; 2. K Suriya Varathan (Peregrine Racing - Coimbatore) 408; 3. Ameya Bafna (Rayo Racing - Mumbai) 408;

Junior Max: 
1. Ruhaan Alva (MSport - Bengaluru) 430; 2. Abhay M (Birel Art India - Bengaluru) 404;

3. Rohaan Madesh (Peregrine Racing - Bengaluru) 398.

Micro Max - Cadet: 1. Aditya Suresh Kamat (Birel Art India -Bengaluru) 432; 2. Anuj A (MSport - Madurai) 414; 3. Arafath Sheikh (MSport - Pune) 406.

Team Champions: Senior: Peregrine Racing; Junior: MSport; Cadet:  Birel Art India.

Special Awards: Driver of the year (Best Driver):  Kyle Kumaran; Most number of Poles: Kyle Kumaran; Most number of wins: Kyle Kumaran; Akbar Ebrahim Most-improved Karter: Anuj A (Micro Max); Best Newcomer: Raiden Samarvel; Super girl Micro Max - Shrily Mistry; Super girl Junior Max: Aashi Hanspal; Super girl Senior Max: Vidyali Reddy. 

 For details call David 98455 69496


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