Tasse De Thé brings to you a Refined new way of life the TDT Life

by Shrutee K/DNS
India – July, 2017:  TDT, a passion project by certified tea blender, Mr. Jiten Sheth and his son, Rohak Sheth will revolutionize the culture of tea drinking in India.  Tasse De Thé is not just another brand trying to make a mark but one that is built on a promise, one that dares to challenge change and one that perfectly balances affability with luxury.   TDT, as a brand, is a story in itself; it starts with its master blender’s interest in tea that spans across a period of 20 years.
This interest turned to passion and soon Jiten Sheth found himself delving deeper and deeper into the subject of tea – its history, variety, medicinal properties, its vast taste and flavor palate making him the first certified tea blender in India. His son, Rohak Sheth has always loved creating brands. He started finding a gap space in the Indian market and eventually realized what India needed the most as a brand. After extensive research, he realized the potential of tea especially that of loose tea leaves in India. It was Rohak's business acumen, attention to design and detail and Jiten’s passion for the beverage that brought these diamond merchants to the business of tea.
Over 300 varieties of tea will be sold at TDT’s e-commerce portal,www. tdtworld.com 20th July onwards and its eponymous Victorian themed French café housing exclusive varieties of tea and experiences will be launched soon in the opulent space of South Mumbai.
Sourcing exotic teas from the best tea belt regions of the world, they are then blended with exotic fruits, flowers, and natural flavours under the expertise of Jiten Sheth. The blends are handcrafted with diverse ingredients resulting in flavorful, healthy and high-quality tea concoctions.
How is TDT any different? It proudly houses the finest quality of tea available in the country, handpicked from across the world with over 300 in number.  Each variety exudes medicinal and health properties, hence the need to be stored in particular.
TDT diversity also lies in addressing different ailments such as diabetics, menstruation cramps, emotional wellness and detoxification. They are also bringing award winning Raw Puerh Tea and Ripe Puerh Tea in India for the first time, which has won Gold medal in 2008.
Why TDT? It is a passion project by a man who so strongly believes in the beverage’s medicinal and health benefits and strives to reach out to as many as he could.  What better reason could one have, other than to believe in someone’s honest intent!
Luxe or affordable? Why not affordable luxury!  TDT epitomizes luxury in design, packaging and intent. Affability in approach, belief and thought. A perfect blend between the two, they understand the evolving tastes of the modern tea drinker, and have developed special varieties that fit to everyone’s bill. Elegant tea tins, a myriad of hand-blown glass, porcelain, stoneware and Yixing (purple clay) teapots, fine bone china teacups, saucers, creamers and sugar bowls, as well as tea filters and tea scoops of all sorts can be found in the TDT online accessory store.
Commenting on the launch of website, Mr. Jiten Sheth says, “After having spent almost 32 years in the diamond industry, I am doing what truly makes my soul happy.On studying the premium tea market in India, we realized that finding specialty teas with natural and exotic ingredients from around the world was such an impasse that tea lovers ended up relying on their travel plans to keep stock. This prompted us to conduct extensive research and development that resulted in world-class blends with the finest tea leaves and alluring ingredient profiles from around the world. We are exploring different retail options including setting up a tea room. I want to promote tea as a healthy habit and encourage people to consume it daily.”
TDT pays special attention to the growing, caring and picking of tea. All the teas are procured directly from plantations and tea growers, packaged garden-fresh and shipped directly from its source in India. TDT allows tea lovers across the world to sit back and relish the satisfaction of patronizing a truly ethical, fair-trade tea.
TDT is a new way of life- it rhymes with music, flows and successfully scintillates the sensory nodes, daring to bring about change in the process.  It indeed is the TDT way of life. This one is definitely everyone’s daily cup of tea, everyone’s daily.
About the brand
A unique brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authentic tea, it is also a part of a philosophy that goes beyond making a cup of tea. TDT’s affordable luxury collection – the largest in India- numbers well over 300 different teas including blends created by ITMA certified tea blender, Jiten Sheth himself.
Jiten Sheth & Rohak Sheth understand the evolving tastes of the modern tea drinker and have developed special varieties that fit to everyone’s bill. Tea accessories that flaunt pastel freshness, cutleries designed with gold rims and purple clay, mood-setting candles, attractive gift sets of tea collections and infusers are other noteworthy offerings of TDT online accessory store.
Endeavoring to introduce the same in a subtle yet classy fashion via their own e-commerce portal, the brand also plans to open its vintage high-ceiling along with French cum Victorian style tea cafe in September, envisioned by TDT’s co-founder Rohak Sheth. Their tea menu will walk a tightrope between healthy and indulgence; the café’s meal offerings will epitomize dishes with tea as their core element besides showcasing well-travelled epicurean delicacies worthy of envy. 


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