Step into your Happily Ever After with Trousseau Bags from TrunkHouse

by Shrutee K/DNS

As you amass all your memories and memoirs, as you take one more step into this newfound lifetime of happiness, let the bag signify the countless moments, traditions you have cherished, embraced and lived and enjoyed with. This Wedding Season, choose your bezzie from TrunkHouse Luxury Bags. 

Calvin Klein - Highway West Trunk with Metal Corner Guards Calvin Klein Inc. is an American luxury fashion house established in 1968. The brand has a substantial market share in retail and commercial lines as well as haute couture garments. The lines of travel gear embody the elegance and lifestyle which symbolize the Brand. Large expandable trolley (78x50x30.5cm) with deluxe interior, 8-multidirectional wheels, Bottom hand grip and metal corner guards with silver plating.  TrunkHouse is Mumbai’s first Multi-brand luxury boutique destination housing premium travel luggage bags from around the globe, located in the ever buzzing panache of Palladium, Mumbai.  

TrunkHouse is first to bring to India the freedom of choice through its diverse brand portfolio and renowned international names. High fashion luggage brands such as Calvin Klein and DKNY from the U.S, Smart luggage bags enabled by cutting edge technology from Singapore, Pure luggage brands like Roncato and Canadian Heys, Trussardi and Cerruti from Italy are some of the luxury brands TrunkHouse houses under its retail roof. 


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