A First in India – Simultaneous Pancreas & Kidney Transplant recipient delivers healthy baby at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru

 by Shrutee K

July, 2021, National: Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru recently witnessed a historic medical landmark with the first childbirth by a recipient of a simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney transplant. Ms Mekhala, 35 years of age, was a patient of juvenile diabetes from the age of 10 years who went on to develop renal failure needing dialysis therapy. A successful simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney transplant (SPKT) operation was performed three and half years ago, which cured her of diabetes and renal failure and gave her a new lease of life. Her dream to complete her family with a child came to fruition when she conceived and delivered a healthy baby boy.  

Dr Suresh Raghavaiah, Senior Consultant, Transplant Surgeon, Apollo BGS Hospitals said “It is a matter of great pride for the team at Apollo BGS Hospitals that the first childbirth in India to a SPKT recipient has happened in Mysore. When Ms Mekhala approached us with her aspiration to become a mother, we realised the path ahead was challenging. This was a first for a simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant patient in India. However, we took up the challenge and worked to make her dream come true. As a transplant recipient, the patient was on medication to prevent organ rejection. This would have been detrimental to the health of the baby and a lot of planning needed to be done before the pregnancy. Through the pregnancy, we had to maintain a precarious balance between preventing organ rejection and making sure the developing baby was healthy. We are happy to report that the baby is doing fine and the patient’s organs are also functioning well.”

The pregnancy was monitored by a multi-disciplinary team from Apollo BGS Hospitals that included a Nephrologist, Transplant Surgeon, Endocrinologist, Immunologist and an Obstetrician trained in handling High Risk cases. They helped the patient prepare for and plan the pregnancy. Once pregnant, the team carefully monitored the mother and foetus throughout the pregnancy that successfully ended with the delivery of a healthy baby boy weighing 2.5 kg. The child has been named ‘Belaku’, meaning light, signifying hope of a normal life with a family for many such patients who have undergone organ transplants.

Dr Anjali B.P, Consultant Obstetrician, Apollo BGS Hospitals said “We closely monitored Ms Mekhala so that she would have an uncomplicated pregnancy and reach full term, which in itself is rare in post-

transplant patients. Although we were hoping for a normal delivery, we had to perform a C- section due to non-progressive labour. We are happy that both the mother and child are healthy and doing well.”

Dr Anindita Mukherjee, Consultant Anaesthetist, Apollo BGS Hospitals said, “Her history of multiple medical and surgical issues in the past, made giving anaesthesia quite challenging, but we are extremely happy with the outcome.”

Mr N. G. Bharateesha Reddy, Vice President and Unit Head, Apollo BGS Hospitals said, “We are extremely thrilled with the successful outcome of this pregnancy which is the first of its kind in the country and a landmark achievement for the Apollo Hospitals Group. We hope that the success of this case will help to spread awareness about the life-saving simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney transplant (SPKT) procedure.”


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