Solutelia Joins Ookla

by Shrutee K  

New Delhi, July 23, 2021Ookla®, the global leader in network intelligence, testing platforms and related technologies today announced the acquisition of Solutelia and its flagship WINd® software suite. Ookla and Solutelia together will disrupt and forever change the wireless network test and measurement industry.

Ookla’s enterprise products give mobile network operators unparalleled competitive insights into the consumer experience on networks all over the world, while Solutelia’s WINd platform evolves legacy drive-testing and walk-testing tools and eliminates the need for outdated, time-consuming methods of post-processing data. Solutelia’s innovative solutions for indoor, outdoor and competitive benchmark testing allow network operators and integrators to rapidly improve mobile network performance with real-time streaming KPIs, remote control of test devices, near-real-time post-processing and cloud-based analytics — with consumer network experience at the heart of the system.

“The addition of WINd will bring much deeper network insights and testing capabilities to Ookla’s enterprise customers,” said Doug Suttles, CEO of Ookla. “Over the past few years we have invested in solutions and talent to help our clients solve more engineering-grade problems. Acquiring Solutelia is another concrete example of Ookla helping our clients more accurately measure and continuously improve their deployed networks.”

Mohssen Davari, CEO of Solutelia adds, “We are thrilled to be joining Ookla. Our mission has been to redefine mobile network performance measurement with near-real-time analytical capabilities that drive operational efficiencies and faster network improvements. We first partnered with Ookla to integrate its best-in-class Speedtest software, and now together we will bring the benefits of the WINd software platform to the global marketplace.”

The advent of 5G is resulting in substantial changes to the physical footprint of networks, which will require more cell sites and more intelligent, complex radio networks. This radical shift in the industry means that network operators need to be able to massively scale their testing and optimization efforts, without a commensurate increase in operational spending. Solutelia’s revolutionary approach to data collection has fundamentally reimagined drive and walk testing, creating process efficiencies and delivering instant network insights, while removing operational complexity and reducing network management costs.

Mobile network operators using Ookla’s solutions for crowdsourced network intelligence (Speedtest Intelligence®, Cell AnalyticsTM and SpatialBuzz) already have an unrivaled view into network performance, quality, coverage, user density, data usage, consumer satisfaction and other key metrics. Solutelia’s WINd platform, which natively leverages Ookla’s best-in-class Speedtest methodology for throughput testing, allows operators to turn that network intelligence into immediate action in the field. With the addition of Solutelia’s WINd platform to its enterprise product suite, Ookla now provides solutions to support operators through each stage of mobile network planning, site verification, monitoring, optimization and performance assurance.

About Ookla: Ookla® is the global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence, testing applications and technology. With over 10 million consumer-initiated tests taken daily on the company’s flagship platform, Speedtest®, Ookla provides invaluable insight into the performance, quality and accessibility of networks worldwide.

Ookla’s family of companies includes Downdetector™, real-time analysis of status and outages for services. Operators, businesses and government agencies alike rely on Ookla for unparalleled and immediate information on the state of networks and online services.


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