GOQii and Luke Coutinho come together to make Cancer care Affordable through the GOQii Healthcare Ecosystem

by Shrutee K/DNS
IndiaGOQii Inc., India’s leading preventive health care platform, announced the launch of ‘GOQii Cancer Care’ a Holistic Cancer Management Program in collaboration with Luke Coutinho's Holistic Healing brand. Luke Coutinho is an expert in the field of  Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine,  GOQii's Master Coach and also the Co-Founder of the coaching model. Under this initiative, GOQii will now be able to offer services extended to cancer care programs at affordable prices across India. Cancer patients will also have access to the GOQii ecosystem of specialized coaches, hospital tie-ups, diagnostic labs, doctor consultations through the app.
Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO GOQii said, “One in 13  cancer patients in the world is an Indian. The biggest challenge faced in India today is not the treatment of cancer but preventing relapses or recurrence through lifestyle management. This is exactly what we aim to provide through our platform. Technology can make good health accessible in a seamless manner across large sections of the society. With this, we bring to Cancer Patients, an integrative lifestyle and healing program that is designed by Luke and his team of highly trained health coaches & other professionals.”
GOQii will tap into Luke’s specialization and experience in treating cancer patients across the globe. He has been instrumental in helping patients into remission and keeping them there, and using nutrition and holistic lifestyle to reduce and manage the collateral damage of conventional treatments and medication. He is involved in nutrition and micro nutrition for the prevention and healing of cancer and is also involved in pain management that comes along with the disease.
“The first step to beating any form of cancer is maintaining a positive outlook to life and having an indomitable will to live. I believe in lifestyle changes and help train people to make these 'shifts'. I have seen that a combination of natural food with change in lifestyle helps alleviate medical conditions. The Holistic Model of Luke Coutinho works on addressing the root cause and revolves around a model of balanced nutrition, adequate exercise and movement, quality sleep and emotional detoxification. Incremental lifestyle changes have the capability to transform people’s lives and my program inculcates such incremental changes that will help cancer patients as well,” said Luke Coutinho, Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Expert and Master Coach GOQii.
Currently, patients suffer from the side effects of aggressive treatments. Luke Coutinho believes that side effects must be effectively managed to prevent further collateral damage to organ health and immunity. “Immunity cannot be compromised at any cost. This cancer care program will help patients better manage their side effects and boost immunity with a focus on holistic healing and will not be diet or calorie based but with a focus on a powerful drug called Lifestyle. I believe this collaboration will go a long way in extending affordable cancer care to people worldwide. We believe in an integrative approach with conventional medicine and lifestyle. Our interest is the quality of life and health for all,” Luke added.
The cancer care service is not a replacement for a regular doctor or conventional treatment and does not apply to any emergency medical or chronic situations. The services will be available on the GOQii platform from August 2018 at a price point starting from Rs 11,999 per year.
About GOQii
GOQii, the world’s leading preventive Health and Wellness Company holds the no.1 position in the Indian wearable market as per latest IDC report. Headquartered in California with offices in Mumbai and Shenzhen, the company is dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with the combination of advanced wearable technology, the world’s leading experts, coaches, doctors and karma. The unique GOQii proposition includes a wearable agnostic app, guidance from global experts, coaching counsel and the ability to support a cause that matters to users. GOQii focuses on sustained engagement & goal reinforcement and offers a complete ecosystem as a single integrated solution, which is a powerful combination of technology and human connection. GOQii is only the third Indian company to have a management case study published in Harvard Business Publishing platform for educators. GOQii’s goal is to enable millions across the world to ‘Be the Force’ and unleash their untapped potential.
About Luke
Luke Coutinho is an M.D in alternative medicine and holistic nutrition, and practices in the field of integrative and lifestyle medicine. He uses a holistic approach with patients worldwide to prevent and heal. His drug is 'Lifestyle' and he has been successful in transforming the health of people across the world ranging from the Forbes list toppers, to athletes, Bollywood, to people in rural villages and communities. He is a published author of the Great Indian diet with Shilpa Shetty, Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right, and several other books in the making. He is an international collaborator with Yale University and is instrumental in the delivery of children’s nutrition programs worldwide. Luke works with several hospitals and bio-physicians across the globe and is deeply involved in cancer research and disease resolution at a micronutrient levels and a focus on cellular health. He speaks at events and forums worldwide on health, lifestyle and disease and is the mastermind behind GOQii's coaching model. He is the founder of Reset, India’s first holistic healing center and training facility, located in Mumbai


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