World Trade Centre Mumbai Presents Research Study on ‘Accelerating Maharashtra’s Export Competitiveness’

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mr. Vijay Kalantri, Vice Chairman, MVIRDC World Trade Centre (WTC) Mumbai presented MVIRDC WTC Mumbai’s Research Study on ‘Accelerating Maharashtra’s Export Competitiveness’ to Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister of Commerce and Industry and Civil Aviation of India, Government of India at World Trade Centre Mumbai.

Minister Prabhu said, “Such Studies help us to frame policies keeping in view the various suggestions and recommendations outlined therein. The Study highlights the views of trade and industry which enable the government to provide direction for policy formulation”. He further complimented MVIRDC WTC Mumbai for an elaborate Study that will enhance Maharashtra’s export competiveness.

While presenting the Study Mr. Kalantri said, “Our Research Study meticulously analyses Maharashtra’s investment competitiveness across nine of its major export-oriented industries, and its infrastructure-readiness, vis-à-vis other major states in India. The study is backed by recommendations to improve Maharashtra’s export competitiveness along with expert opinion. We believe if the recommendations are implemented there is scope to double Maharashtra’s exports from about 20 percent as a share in its GDP to about 40 per cent by 2025. MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai believes in promoting India’s international trade through cutting-edge research and market analysis. I affirm that the book will serve as a useful guide in policy-making, and will be beneficial to academicians as well as industry officials”.

The Study is important to understand Maharashtra’s position in terms of investment competitiveness of its major export-oriented industries vis-à-vis other states in India. The study also critically examines Maharashtra’s infrastructure-readiness compared to other major states on key parameters such as availability of power, road density, lease rentals, export infrastructure etc. The study suggests the need to enhance per capita availability of power, reduce cost of power and bridge power deficit during peak hours. 

The study identifies that while the state fares well in terms of export infrastructure such as container freight stations, inland container depots and notified and exporting special economic zones, Maharashtra needs to promote export-oriented units to set shop in the state. Maharashtra has a little above 50% of the export oriented units compared to other leading states such as Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The study also emphasises the need to augment Maharashtra’s cold storage infrastructure to support export of perishable farm commodities. The study has put forth actionable recommendations for policymakers in the state government and is backed by opinions from experts.

The research study emphasises on the need for a balanced regional development in Maharashtra, besides highlighting the need to have a dedicated export policy for the state. Among other policy measures, the study suggests setting up a four-tier institutional mechanism with representation from state and district export promotion councils from every district.

The study calls for renewed policy thrust to promote skill development, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The study recommends the state government to promote awareness of e-commerce as an effective tool for accessing global markets among MSMEs. Mr. Y. R. Warerkar, Executive Director, MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai thanked the Hon’ble Minister for accepting this Study.


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