Horra Launches Reina Watches Exclusively For Women

by Shrutee K/DNS

Everything that glitters is not gold but can be crystal! Blending creativity and excellent craftsmanship, Horra’s Reina Watches give you a touch of class and a dash of glamour under one realm. Horra’s Reina Watches adds an extra glow to the whole ensemble and all the elements to raise your style quotient.

Stainless steel personifies strength and scintillating crystals stand for perfection; these elements give Reina Watches a regal aura, befitting today’s wonderful women. With a mineral-base dial, stainless steel straps, a watch-case that is crystal-studded, with golden studs within, a Reina Watch is a perfect accessory for you. What’s even better is that Horra Watches makes international style, trendy fashions and high-quality, available at affordable prices. Don’t wait: purchase unique Reina watch from Horra today! Range starting from - 2000/- onwards. 

About Horra:“HORRA” in Spanish means ‘time’. It spells panache, perfection & novelty. The most significant element of vogue, with fresh concepts, classy embellishments, deep textures & vibrant colours, our designs are fabricated to express the verve of fashion. There is a colour for every mood and a style for every occasion! Accentuating the timing for every fashion as well as the beauty of every creation into an elite feeling of divine indulgence, we bring to you an exclusive range of flawlessly styled bags & watches.
Horra redefines the idea of a luxurious experience that is fresh and vibrant yet affordable! Handcrafted with precision, offering the latest trends and vogueish style in each of our products and fabricating fashion that is the perfect combination of style, quality and craftsmanship. Horra brings to you perfection in every piece, ensuring that every accessory is curated to offer you a lavishly designed experience, styled to suit your every mood.  www.horraluxury.com/


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