If you Thought Israel is only a Desert Think Again

by Shrutee K/DNS
Israel is blessed with a beautiful coastline which is clearly visible in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. Windsurf in crystal clear waters, enjoy some beach sundowner parties, capture breathtaking pictures or relax for a perfect tan on the finest beaches; there isn’t a better way to spend your holiday in Israel. Best times to visit are the months of April to May & September to October when the weather is mostly mild and pleasant.
Some of the best beaches in Israel are:
Hilton Beach
Head to Hilton beach, rated as one of the most photogenic beaches of Israel for a gorgeous sunset and a fun surfing experience. One can also go on a leisure walk to the scenic Frishman beach close by or stroll on Tayelet, a beautiful promenade. 
Banana Beach
Banana beach has the right mix of tranquility and fun. With a multitude of activities for tourists like surfboarding and windsurfing, this beach is a perfect place to unwind or tap along the beats of the drummers. Friday evening is the right time to visit when tourists assemble for dancing and drum circles session.
Gordon Beach
When in Israel, go to Gordon for its amazing stretch of white sand and pristine blue waters. Grab a few beer cans and relax on the beach, go for a boat ride or hit the dance floor till the sun calls it a day.
Ajami Beach
Have a hummus break at Abu Hassan’s before heading out to the historical Ajami beach near Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv. The historic Maronic church, lively beach area, restored limestone palaces and beachside promenades are too much of a delight making your trip to the beach momentous. Moreover, the narrow alleys leading up to the beach make for a pleasant walk.
Palmachim Beach
Palmachim in Tel Aviv is a picturesque beach with a laid back vibe and low cliffs towards the south end making it an ideal location for those perfect beach photos. One of the quieter beaches of Israel, one can enjoy a private experience of paddling, sunbathing and other water sports activities.
Beit Yannai Beach
Magical spectacles are created where rivers mingle with the sea. Something similar happens at Beit Yannai, another popular and breathtaking beach located at half hour drive from Tel Aviv. Eucalyptus grove and ancient ruins are a wonderful attraction nearby while one can indulge in Kite surfing, camping by the beach and a day out with soft-shelled turtles. Known for its serenity, Beit Yannai is also a popular nature reserve with rich wildlife around.


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