Navrathan Jewellers introduces Exquisite Bridal Collection

by Shrutee K/DNS

In Indian tradition, a wedding is considered to be the most momentous and beautiful journey in a woman’s life. To add a special touch to this, Navrathan jewellers have designed a unique collection to embrace this journey. The grand celebration of this unique bond and epic journey should begin with jewellery to match. That's what the Navrathan bridal and wedding jewellery aims to offer. Keeping in mind the aesthetic preferences of an Indian bride, Navrathan has styled their jewellery accordingly. The new gold & diamond collection has been designed intricately along with vibrant motifs.

Navrathan also adds a modern twist to traditional jewellery choices. Gold is the undisputed ruler when it comes to precious metals and is also a symbol of prosperity and affluence, whereas diamonds are vital elements of this collection as no other stone can replace its dazzle, glitter and sparkle. Timeless designs cast in pure gold with glamorous, colored precious stones, make a bridal statement and set new standards.

This signature bridal collection is the ideal personification of the feminine spirit, stunningly opulent with a subtle and elegant touch to make every woman feel and look special. Perfectly crafted, each creation reflects exotic designs with a classic style. Stunning necklaces and dazzling earrings encompass this alluring collection from Navrathan Jewellers.

 About Navrathan: Since 1954, Navrathan Jewellers has quietly wowed the cognoscenti of Bangalore with its breathtaking designs, intricate craftsmanship and antique techniques. Every Navrathan store is a treasure trove of gold and platinum jewellery inspired by tradition, and embellished with Belgian-cut diamonds and precious gem. Mr Gautam Chand Bafna, the Managing Director of Navrathan has been a pioneer in many ways, having been the first to integrate antique temple jewellery designs into modern settings that are style statements in themselves.

Be it faceted diamonds, Jadau or Meenakari, Navrathan strives to create an heirloom with each of its piece. With intricate, handcrafted designs, Navrathan offers jewellery for every occasion. Simply walk into our store, or look through our website to get an idea of the sheer range and variety we offer - every piece from Navrathan is an ode to the neo-classical woman.


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