Cinépolis hosted special preview of the action thriller ‘Hobbs & Shaw” in 4DX, IMAX & Dolby Atmos formats

by Shrutee K/DNS

Cinépolis, India’s 1st international and the world’s 2nd largest movie theatre circuit in terms of attendance, hosted a special preview of the action thriller ‘Hobbs & Shaw’,  a day before the movie released in India. The much awaited sequel of the popular franchise, ‘Fast and Furious’ was screened across Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi in the most innovative formats that have been introduced in the India cinema exhibition industry. Delhiites experienced a heart pounding adrenaline rush in the 4DX cinema while people of Mumbai were astonished by the clarity and detail provided by Dolby Atmos; similarly the tech enthusiasts in Bangalore experienced the IMAX difference during the exclusive screening. This initiative was in line with popularizing the various new technological innovations that have truly revolutionized the cinema viewing experience in India today.
Interestingly, 4DX had been pioneered by Cinepolis in India in 2014. Breath taking special effects involving elements such as wind, fog, lightning, scent, water, rain, and even snow;  transport the movie connoisseurs to the heart of the action while allowing them to live the adventurous journey of the duo. The 4DX provides for an immersive screening experience which is widely considered to be the biggest innovation in cinematic technology. It provides a real-life experience, that trigger all five senses, giving the viewers a chance to actually live the movie and not just watch it. The effects work in perfect harmony with the action on screen - creating the most captivating cinematic experience.
The Dolby Atmos that was showcased in Mumbai, is gradually becoming popular amongst Indians given the immersive experience it provides. The sound from the ground-breaking innovation provides to transport the movie lovers into the story with moving audio, that flows all around in the cinema with breath taking realism. The technology provides for sound that comes from all directions including overhead for cinematic excellence.

The IMAX is one of the world’s most recognized premium entertainment brands. Being globally acclaimed to deliver a magical fusion of awe-inspiring images and heart pounding audio, the IMAX technology fits perfectly with Cinépolis’ mission to offer the ultimate immersive experience for the movie connoisseur.
Cinépolis’s focus on revolutionizing the movie going experience goes in sync with it being a tech driven brand, pioneering innovative technologies in the exhibition industry. Cinépolis was the first in India to bring the 4DX technology in 2014 and introduce the concept of megaplex. The brand collaborates with the best global technology providers to be in sync with the rapidly evolving technologies.  Cinépolis’s exclusive global collaboration with RealD  (the global leader in 3D) to add 300 RealD 3D screens across their circuit, along with their alliance with IMAX to open new theatres in India, are examples of their partnerships with Tech giants. Some of the other cutting-edge technologies include LED Screens, IMAX, RealD, 3D and Dolby Atmos.


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