Maharashtra International Education Board Signs Collaboration Agreement with Google in India to Advance EdTech Vision

by Shrutee K/DNS
Mumbai, INDIA, 7 August 2019: Maharashtra International Education Board (MIEB) has signed a collaboration agreement with Google for Education in India with the goal of advancing personalized learning for students, strong teacher professional development and world-class infrastructure for collaborative learning.  This collaboration agreement supports MIEB’s vision of adopting digital pedagogies and curriculum across Marathi medium schools in the State of Maharashtra that are affiliated with MIEB. 
As of the present academic year 2019-20, 81 Marathi medium schools across Maharashtra have been affiliated to the MIEB board. Google India and MIEB will collaboratively work with these schools to support an actionable vision centered on learning and outcomes for the students at par with international standards. 
Dr. Sunil Magar, Director, Maharashtra International Education Board, said, "MIEB is committed to provide a comprehensive education system based on the “Panchakosha” evaluation, which integrates 21st century skills from the Indian outlook. We want to ensure that learning is simple, easy and joyful. Our relationship with Google India is the right step in this direction.”
MIEB and Google India will collaborate to: 
Roll-out free and collaborative Google technologies like Google Classroom, G Suite for Education that drive student-centric learning both online and offline; and encourage collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking;
Provide curriculum and classroom practices offered in international schools through activity- and application-based instructions for students and 
Offer professional development and on-going coaching for teachers on classroom best practices to meet student needs including instructional practices, curricula, assessments, and learning experiences that put students first.
Bani Paintal Dhawan, Head of Education, South Asia, Google Cloud India Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are delighted to collaborate with MIEB in their mission to provide international quality education with a focus on mother tongue language using local and international pedagogies.”
“Technology is only one enabler of school transformation, but it's a critical part. MIEB is focusing on ensuring that technology supports learning goals with content, tools and infrastructure that supports an interactive learning model,” she added.
“At MIEB, we strongly believe that collaboration is the key to developing effective School Leadership which will develop a strong and healthy culture in all our MIEB Schools. We are proud of our strong relationship & bonding with Google India which truly aims at strengthening the technological capability of our school leaders, teachers, parents and students to prepare for the future.” said, Francis Joseph, Head - Development & Strategy, MIEB.
Maharashtra International Education Board and Google India plans to conduct a Future of Learning Summit known as “Forward Maharashtra” on 22nd August 2019. The objective of the summit is to inspire collaboration between school Principal's, both Private and MIEB and outline the vision to create student centered learning environment using technology. The Summit will host more than 200 delegates from Private & Government Schools affiliated to various National & International Educational Boards from several states of India & overseas; and gracefully presided by the School & Higher Education Ministers of Maharashtra along with several policy makers & influencers from the education sector.
About Maharashtra International Education Board (MIEB): Maharashtra International Education Board (MIEB) is established by the Government of Maharashtra as an autonomous education board, providing Quality Education with a core focus on Mother Tongue language as a medium of teaching & learning, equipped  with strong English language skills developed among its learners. MIEB provides a locally rooted curriculum; embedded with international pedagogies, strategies & opportunities to our learners. MIEB recognizes the need to prepare students for our interconnected world where they actively engage and contribute to sustainable development. 


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