GOODWAYS FITNESS Announces ‘One Direction Workout’ Plan

Concludes Study For Women To Experience The Impact Of A Highly Focused Workout Session

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai, 30th November 2019: GOODWAYS FITNESS, a boutique fitness studio specializing in scientific workouts without machine directed for women, announced today that they have concluded their two-year extensive study on One Direction Workout (ODW), and will be launching an all-time high impact ‘ODW training sessions’ for women starting 1st November 2019 at their fitness club in Krishna Nagar, Delhi.

Of the studio’s recent success on its research and making the announcement for ODW workout modules, Sankalp Shakti – the husband-and-wife fitness trainers duo said, “The findings of our successful study has been one of our proudest moments in a decade of our fitness career. After much research and analysis, we’ve been able to design the first of its kind high-focused workout modules for women, that are not only meditative in nature but also fun. It is something that will get you rolling. We couldn’t be more elated!”

After examining the body for its best natural movement and analysing the comfort zone to each own mind, every women will be trained for their specific body type. To get this going, GOODWAYS FITNESS have categorised ODW modules into:

Workouts that are well mixed with Yoga & Meditation sessions to stimulate a complete body-mind connection

Training programs that are rich in movement and are good for muscles and cardiovascular system. From active cardio to high powered strengthcircuit & functional trainingsessions.

Workouts that incorporates all dimensions such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual through Animal flow workouts, Aerobics, Zumba, Bollywood Aerobics, Steppers & Dumbells, and Power Yoga etc., and a lot more

“The results you want from your workouts won’t come from one training session or one day of eating right. What’s going to build the kind of body you want is the perfect rhythm that your body gets attuned to” explained Sankalp. Ten years back, when the newlywed couple Sankalp Shakti, also the Director at Goodways Fitness, decided to make women fit, they chose Techniques based on scientific workout with a holistic understanding one’s body.

Shakti elaborates, “Strong is the new skinny. For decades women have spent hours at the gym in efforts to look skinny but now they seek real ‘strength’. Women today don’t want to just look fit, but also feel fit. The results you want from your workouts won’t come from one training session or one day of eating right. What’s going to build the kind of body you want is the workout that excite and the focus that drives you to pursue it. A simple concept that is often overlooked.”

“In a One Direction Workout (ODW), your mind becomes focussed so that you do not have to focus on the workout, but the focus itself becomes an exercise.”, further added Shakti.

ABOUT GOODWAYS FITNESS: - Goodways Fitness is a boutique fitness studio specializing in scientific workouts without machine directed for women. They incorporate all dimensions - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual into cardio to the high powered strength, circuit & functional training sessions specially designed for women. 


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