The Yoga Institute celebrates Inclusiveness with Yoga

The Yoga Institute along with the partnership of Trinayani & Veruschka Foundation undertook a unique, interactive and inclusive workshop for the specially abled children and adults.   
by Shrutee K/DNS
Mumbai, November 21, 2019: The Yoga Institute is the oldest institute of yoga and mindfulness in the world. Taking ahead their vision of inclusiveness with Yoga, The Yoga Institute conducted a unique full-day workshop for the specially abled children and adults today. Over 100 participants attended the workshop along with their families or guardians. Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, Director, The Yoga Institute helmed the workshop along with a team of specially trained and experienced experts. Renowned NGO’s like Trinayani and Veruschka Foundation who have dedicated their work to make a difference to the lives of the differently abled, supported this noble initiative founded by The Yoga Institute.
While the core pillar of the workshop was yoga, equal emphasis was placed on Learning & Fun activities, Balance-enhancing exercises, Healthy habits, Creative art DIYs to recycle and reuse, Dance and Dramatics and Concentration building exercises. The activities covered at the workshop not only ensured fun engagement but also were designed to instill self-confidence and support the specially abled audience with exercises that can be incorporated in their day-to-day lifestyle. The workshop also included a segment concentrating on Parent Education & Empowerment, Stress Management and Counseling and Guidance with Dr. Hansaji Yogendra. Speaking on the inclusive initiative, Dr. Hansaji Yogendra shared, “ The Yoga Institute is an epitome of yoga heritage of India. For the previous 22 years of our institute’s 100 years journey, we have consciously focused on initiatives that create awareness and drive inclusive opportunities through interactive yoga and wellness-oriented activities. Through this unique endeavor we aim to create an inclusive environment through Yoga and touch the lives of the differently abled individuals of our society. We want to spread the message of harmonious coexistence and erode away the pre-conceived notions that exist in our society towards the specially abled population. At the same time we want to empower these individuals and their families with constructive guidance through yoga and mindfulness.”


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