MotoArtists at India Bike Week 2019

by Shrutee K/DNS

The one and only destination in India for world biking for 2 days. With the greatest names in bike design and manufacturers, the rarest bikes and accessories shopping, music, barbecues, beer gardens, training academies, track racing and much more, IBW is going to be 10 acres of Biker Paradise.

Motorcycling in itself is an art. What better place to display art where there are thousands of free minds and artists! That makes it a perfect platform to display art and connect with like minded individuals and also gives so many ideas and inspires to create something more and new. Below are the profiles to refer for the moto artists who will be showcasing their work at the festival.

Prankur Rana: Motor Artist

is one such artist who loves to live his life to the fullest. He is a travel enthusiast and an artist who rides a modified Royal Enfield, which he calls “ Patina”. He is a person who not only has big dreams but also works hard to achieve them.
There are many ways to tell a story but only a few are told with best images. Picture that invoke within us a desire and an urge to experience it ourselves. Prankur is a bohemian on wheel who brings such beautiful stories through photographs of his bike on the most spectacular locations. He likes to seek the rocky and less explored roads of Himalaya and Uttrakhand.
With over 15,000 followers on Instagram, he is a social media influencer and has been a part of many Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson events. But this does not stop him from taking up new challenges and backing his bags to explore India. He has explored the beauty of Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa in backpack trip from Delhi. During this trip he traveled to different parts of India and spoke to many people on his way, trying to find out their stories. He stayed many friends and followers at different locations and inspired them to do something adventurous in life.
Tilak Gowda: Founder of RLz Motorsports
RLz is customization part of Team Rev Limitz which is basically professional stunt riding team , as It was my ambition to bring something new in art and motorcycles, we formed RLZ motorsports Customs workshop a year ago. As far as living my life on motorcycles, my opinion is art in something which shows personality and defines the attitude by the way it’s been display so I believe there is no limit in presenting artwork on automotives.
We are targeting to show case lumilor and airbrush painted versys 650 and few custom airbrushed helmets in IBW 2019, I have set my target on IBW as my main area of showing off my work because I believe the like minded people will attend this event and I wish to put RLz Motorsports work as word of mouth on every one who will attend this event.
From September 2018 I am living my life out of this but earlier I was in to freelance, My inspiration and goal is to make customization so good to make competition with European market.
Mechologue: Motor Artist
At Mechologue, we create art based out of automobiles. It can be cars, planes, motorcycles, defence vehicles etc. It can be anything & everything with motor in it. The art that we create can be very intrinsic or can be abstract. 
Art & Automobiles industry have a long-standing relationship. An artist can use a vehicle ( for example car, motorcycle etc) to communicate as automotive language is one we understand and the cult of car culture has inspired artists all over to create thought provoking art pieces in different mediums & styles. 
Mechologue will be displaying some art based on motorcycles which will have different media & style, along with conducting workshops. As we will be working on live art we would be addressing questions/ queries on automobile art.It would be nice platform meeting like minded people, who share the same love & passion towards motorcycles.
Airistic Customs Custom airbrush and paint studio : Airbrush Design
Airistic Customs is all about airbrushing and paint job on any kind of surface like motorcycles, cars, guitars, wall, and many more stuff. they give every project a special touch of uniqueness and satisfaction.This is actually a great opportunity for them to showcase work on a platform like IBW with like minded individuals and fellow riders. they’ll be doing a live airbrush graphics paint job on a Motorcycle tank, helmet and wall graffiti creating MotoArt. It gives people a good chance to see real time how much effort and handwork goes into creating something from nothing. Also gives them a sneak peek into understanding how art is created.
Find below the link for event passes!


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