An off-beat land and water experience in Seychelles for Indian tour operators

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai: Seychelles Tourism board in collaboration with Variety Cruises recently conducted a familiarization trip to Seychelles that comprised of a unique land and water experience for a small group of Indian tour operators. This week-long educational trip included a live aboard opportunity, island hopping experience as well as stay and hotel visits on the main island of Seychelles. 

The cruise offered a chance to hike along beautiful uninhabited islands of Seychelles along with spotting astounding marine life through open sea snorkeling and kayaking options. Guests were able to enjoy comfortable on-board accommodation, engaging activities and mouth watering culinary geniuses while witnessing mesmerizing views of the skies and stars from the deck. The tour operators also visited and experienced a combination of four and five star properties of Mahe that can be clubbed to give that perfect Seychellois experience of the islands.
Senior Management from Travel Aura, Redchilli Holidays Pvt. Ltd., Eastern Travels Pvt. Ltd. and Tours For You were a part of this educational trip along with representatives of Cruise Club (Variety Cruise) and Seychelles Tourism Board. The operators got a chance to experience services of the top DMCs of Seychelles while on the trip and have interactions with all to learn about the changing trends and positioning of Seychelles in the India market.


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