Nanavati Hospital Joins the Global Mission to Fight Diabetes

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in association with International Lions Club and Mumbai City Football Club organises a Walkathon to create awareness about Diabetes

by Shrutee K/DNS
Mumbai, November 14: Raising healthy children with a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is the key to reduce burden of diabetes in future India, said experts from Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital (NSSH) on the occasion of November 14—observed as World Diabetes Day across the globe. NSSH in association with International Lions Club and Mumbai City Football Club organised a Walkathon with a message to beat diabetes on Thursday. The Walkathon is recognised by International Diabetes Federation (IDF) as part of the global initiative to create awareness about the impact of diabetes.
The prevalence of childhood obesity is between 5% to 8% in India as per recent studies. Indian Council of Medical Research study had estimated prevalence of Diabetes at 10.9% and prediabetes at 15% in Mumbai. 
“Rising burden of childhood obesity and predispositions of Indian population, puts an entire future generation of India under the imminent threat of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. Promoting healthy diet, active lifestyle, cutting screen time and cutting back on sugar can play major role to prevent our future generations from risk of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases,” said Dr Dr Girish Parmar, Consultant, Endocrinology & Metabolic Physician, NSSH. On Thursday, Dr Parmar with members of International Lions Club led the 3km long Walkathon of over 250 diabetes patients and citizens alike who branded placards with messages to prevent and control diabetes. Mumbai City FC footballers, as brand ambassadors of the event, passed on the message of healthy BMI as the key to prevent diabetes. 
Dr Rajendra Patankar, Chief Operating Officer, NSSH, said over 90 million people in South-East Asia suffer from diabetes with 50% of the population unware that they have it. “Out of pocket expenditure for mitigation of diabetes has become a huge economic burden in our country. Moreover, diabetes leads to permanent physical disabilities or irreparable damage to heart, kidneys, nerves or eyes. On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, I urge the healthcare providers to empower masses and lead this fight against diabetes awareness, prevention and mitigation,” said Dr Patankar.


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