Haier India Introducing New Range of Single door Refrigerators

 Glass Door Range: Mirror, Desert, Lotus and Cool Black
Floral Door Range: Lily, Freesia and Peony
by Shrutee K/DNS
New Delhi, 22 January, 2020Haier, the global leader in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics and World’s Number 1 brand in Major Appliances for 11 Consecutive Years*, introduced its range of Single Door Direct Cool Refrigerators with alluring sleek style in glass, floral and steel finish to add a touch of finesse and style to India’s contemporary kitchens. The new range is available in - HRD-1923-E, HRD-1922-E, HRD-1712-E, and HRD-1822-E variants that strike a perfect balance of cooling and space management while being budget-friendly for the customers.
The new range comes fully equipped with features such as stabilizer free operation, Diamond Edge Freezing Technology (DEFT), Bright LED light for a better user experience. With DEFT- Diamond Edge Freezing Technology, the refrigerator is able to provide better cooling retention for increased energy efficiency. The uniquely designed inner edges of the refrigerator in a diamond shape slows down the process of ice melting while further prolonging the cooling retention after a power outage.
The distinct range of refrigerators are not only packed with Haier’s cutting-edge technology but also addresses customers’ concern over limited storage space. With increased storage capacity of 8 bottles of 1 litre in the Door racks along with an extra drawer at the base (in selected models), the new range caters to meet the evolving demands of the semi-urban and upper-middle income group of customers while not compromising on the quality, style and durability of the refrigerators.
To fulfil its commitment towards energy conservation and creating a healthy planet, Haier has introduced these refrigerators with environment friendly gas and 2 star & 3 star energy ratings.
The heavy duty compressor in the refrigerators comes with 10 years warranty and provides customers with a stabilizer free option and ensures that they do not spend extra money on buying a separate stabilizer for their refrigerator.
The new range of Haier refrigerators comes with easily removable gasket to maintain hygiene levels by preventing the build-up of fungi and bacteria inside. Additionally, the refrigerators are embedded with a thick PUF insulation that gives high cooling retention while keeping the food fresh and saving a lot of energy.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India said“We are excited to announce the launch of Single Door DC refrigerators especially with a glass finish and expand our range of aesthetically designed products that complement the efficiency and evolving lifestyles of the consumers. The new range of refrigerators is a testimony of our promise to deliver customer-inspired innovative products that ensure ease and meets the needs of Indian consumers while adapting to their changing tastes and preferences. With these new designs, we aim to raise the style quotient of semi-urban kitchens in India.”
The new models that are available in a wide storage capacity range of 171, 182 and 192 litres volume includes toughened glass shelves to ensure that curry pots and heavy vessels are kept conveniently in the refrigerator. The refrigerators come installed with power efficient brighter LED lamp to ensure better visibility for the customers.
Price and availability: The new refrigerators are now available in the market and are priced as follows:
Glass Range:
HRD-1923PMG-E | MRP: Rs. 19,200
HRD-1923PDG-E | MRP: Rs. 19,200
HRD-1923CLG-E | MRP: Rs. 17,800
HRD-1923CBG-E | MRP: Rs. 17,800
HRD-1923CDG-E | MRP: Rs. 17,800
Floral Range:
HRD-1923PKL-E | MRP: Rs. 18,000
HRD-1923PRL-E | MRP: Rs. 18,000
HRD-1922CML-E | MRP: Rs. 16,600
HRD-1922CRP-E | MRP: Rs. 16,600
HRD-1922BMF-E | MRP: Rs. 15,100
HRD-1922BRF-E | MRP: Rs. 15,100
HRD-1822BMF-E | MRP: Rs. 14,200
HRD-1822BRF-E | MRP: Rs. 14,200
HRD-1712BRF-E | MRP: Rs. 13,600


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