NuTy Launches Extended Shelf-Life, Ready-to-Eat Curries and Meals

India’s first company to use non-thermal HPP technology in food 
NuTy’s proprietary HPP preservation technology keeps food fresh, healthier & safer
by Shrutee K/DNS
Mumbai, 16th January 2020: NuTy became India’s first company to launch extended shelf-life, ready-to-eat curries, and meals using non-thermal cold pasteurization through its proprietary cooking process aided by HPP (High-Pressure Processing) technology. NuTy is also India’s first omnichannel Food-As-A-Service company using modern food technologies, processes and logistics to offer gratifying, healthy meal options affordably. NuTy’s multi-pronged vision is to help satiate every appetite through authentically curated regional cuisines, reducing waste and also enhancing livelihood by creating micro food-entrepreneurs. NuTy, a venture of Tulita Ahara Pvt Ltd., has its high-tech HPP meal factory in Hosur with a meal processing capacity of 5 tons-per-day. The company has invested US$ 5million in building the facilities and building its network so far.
Ray Nathan, Co-founder, NuTy, a serial entrepreneur with successful exits from his earlier ventures, said, "Food is among the most basic of human needs, and most often working urban millennial’s have to make compromises of taste, health or money every day due to non-availability of any existing options. A balanced diet is a primary human need and therefore we have focused on ready-to-eat meals that are affordable, nutritious, tasty, hygienic food with a long shelf-life. We source produce from farmers to ensure quality and cost, we are careful to ensure genuine regional recipes, and give our meals shelf-life of up to 60 days through our proprietary HPP technology without any artificial additives added."
Adding to this Naveen Chander, Co-founder, NuTy, said, "Our new curries range with 30 options allows any individual or food-entrepreneur to increase food variety, with least trouble and minimal investment. We aim to be India’s kitchen and will have a reach in 500 cities and towns by 2023 and would have created 200,000 micro food-entrepreneurs by then. Food habits of new India are changing rapidly, kitchen time is reducing and work-led migration leads to the non-availability of the foods we love most. NuTy has truly brought together the combination that was hitherto thought impossible in Ready-To-Eat meals."  “We are scaling rapidly and we expect to cover the top 50 cities in India by the end of 2020. By 2023 we expect to be within a two-kilometer reach of any customer, with large cities have over 1000 points-of-sale (POS), medium-size cities having 300 to 500 POS and small cities having 100 POS. We will be available through grocery delivery apps like Big Basket and Amazon by the middle of next month and other hyper-local delivery apps by the middle of 2020. Soon everyone can enjoy a healthy, nutritious and tasty NuTy meal on-demand,” said Nitin Bhatt Group VP Sales & Marketing NuTy.  
About NuTy:NuTy is India’s first Food-as-a-service brand offering Home-style ready-meals based on regional recipes. Founded by Ray Nathan and Naveen Chander, NuTy is one of the first food brands in Asia to use HPP technology in fresh curries resulting in superior taste, quality, and nutrition at the same time. NuTy Ready-Meals are available as take-away at hundreds of retail stores and on food-delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEats.


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