Smt. Arundhaty Ghosh, Member Department Of Posts, New Delhi Inaugurates All Women Post Office

by Shrutee K/DNS
Inauguration of all women post office will be held on 25.01.2020 at at the Mahim Bazar Post Office, Mumbai 400016, by Smt. Arundhaty Ghosh, Member (Operation), Department Of Posts, New Delhi in the presence of Shri. H. C. Agrawal, Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra & Goa Circle, Smt. Swati Pandey, Postmaster General, Mumbai Region, and Smt. Kaiya Arora, Director Postal Service, Mumbai Region.
The concerned post office is situated in the prominent market place and residential area where all kinds of postal services are conveniently provided. It is undeniably true that the comfort level eases up when women interact among themselves.  Keeping all this in mind the said women post office is set up at Mahim Bazar Post Office where more than 70% of the visitors who arrive for service regularly are women.

In the said women post office all the posts, right from the post of a Postmaster to Postman have been filled with women employees, who will manage and supervise all types of works including Saving Bank Counters, Multipurpose registration booking counters, Aadhar Centre, India Post Payment Bank and Treasury work to name a few. All postal business counters have also been made operational with proper display of services made therein.
In this era of women empowerment, where India like other nations is focusing on guaranteeing equal opportunities to women, ideating and implementing an all women post office is indeed one of the most trail blazing initiatives of  India Post, Mumbai Region.


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