HGH India Unveils ‘Beyond Shapes’ – The Home Fashion Trends for 2019-20

This Trend Book will reflect the influence of social and technological changes on home product market

Mumbai, June 28, 2019:  HGH India 2019, India’s largest trade-show in the home textiles, home décor, houseware and gifts category revealed ‘Beyond Shapes’ - the latest trends forecast in home fashion and lifestyle. The book designed exclusively for trade visitors and professionals showcases the latest trends and insights which will help the industry to cater to the needs of the consumer. The trends are forecasted by an experienced European design team based on their intense research and expertise in the India market.  The Trends Book was unveiled by Mr Arun Roongta, Managing Director, HGH India, Dr Geert Bottger, Director, HGH India and Dr Alokendra Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer - Retail, The Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. The Trends will also be showcased at HGH India 2019 to be held between 2-4 July, 2019 at Bombay Exhibition Center.

The overarching theme for this year’s trends is “Beyond Shapes – Universal Future”. These trends are an assimilation of in-depth research of strongly emerging colours, designs and materials for the year 2019-20. It depicts comprehensive design directions to create or source new collection. With one of the youngest populations in the world, Indian market is bound to be largely influenced by the lifestyle, taste and preferences of its consumers. These educated, extrovert, technology savvy, financially affluent and influenced by high international and social media exposure, want a blend of modern and traditional ethnic products in their home.
Beyond Shapes - Universal Future captures the essence of future in the Home products industry. The inspiration comes from the necessity to find our individual place in this world. In the future, a ludic and free commitment is expected; fashion and lifestyle will be bright and colourful.  The Trends will showcase courageous individualism, new handling of resources, new materials, slow food & slow fashion.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Geert Bottger, Director, HGH India, said, “An impressive economic and social development has boosted the confidence of Indians. When their country is emerging as a global power, people here, while adapting to international lifestyle, are also reiterating their faith in their social traditions and cultural heritage. This year’s trend book echoes this emotion with a blend of futuristic nuances balanced with values of our roots. Like every year, we are convinced  that the home products industry benefits from the Trends prediction and witnesses tangible value addition to their business.”
Dr. Alokendra Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer - Retail The Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd shared the industry’s sentiment, saying, “The launch of the yearly Trends Book from HGH India is a much awaited event for the home products market as we look forward to align our collection to the predicted trends. This helps us cater to the evolving consumer need in an effective way.  We look forward to visitors from across the country to come to HGH India and experience how the trends are manifested by different sectors of the industry. It is a great platform for brands like Bombay Dyeing and retailers where the industry can exchange knowledge and insights to accelerate business and opportunities.”
The Trend Book reflects the influence of social and technological changes on home product market next year. Manufacturers, brands, retailers and professionals will find this trend book useful toinnovate their products, designs and sourcing to appeal to the aspirational Indian consumers.

The Four Trends unveiled under the theme are:

Flight of Fancy: Flight of fancy is a trend for everyone embracing the NEW: newest apps and high tech features are most welcome; for instance, latest gadgets and technology, performing almost everything and communicating with other gadgets. The aesthetics of this tech-savvy lifestyle asks for sensational colours and materials, based on futuristic visions of the past: neon-light in the dark, laser swords, sparkling starlight on the ceiling and polar lights: a drama created by contrasting dark and light, visualising speed and sensing electronic sounds. The corresponding colours are: blue in warm shades and greys, turquoise, violet, magenta, yellow ochre and apple green. Shiny velvet is a great issue, playful with the incoming illumination; but also a lot of synthetic materials and surfaces as neoprene or metallic effects jump into the eyes. Metal is lavishly used on furniture with sharp edges and strong shapes. Patterns vary between clear-cut geometric or otherwise opulent floral motives in exciting digital prints. In cosmetics, extravaganza and show-off is displayed most fashionable by a dark eyeshadow-palette reflecting a masculine luxurious tonus within the high-tech scene.

The Flaneur: In comparison to many other societies, the Indian consumer is not convinced merely by the sound name of a brand. He searches for quality and is very much aware of value for money to make his choice. He is open to the world, a real flaneur, embracing beauty as well as function. At its time, Art Deco represented modernism and immediately turned into fashion. Its products included both individually crafted luxury items and mass-produced goods, but in either case, the intention was to create a sleek and discreet elegance, representing wealth and outstanding sophistication. The features of the flaneur-style are simple and clean shapes with less floral design as we know it from the Art Deco language, but in ludic interaction with symmetry and geometry. They reflect the striking modernity of machine made, bearing typical design features in relative simplicity, planarity, symmetry and unvaried repetition of elements. Pleasure and sensuality is celebrated, as well as theatre, beautiful chinaware, lovely laid tables in earthly colourfulness provides warmth. The colours are dimmed, soft and fancy as butterscotch, burnt coral, caramel, Pompeian red or zinfandel, combined with comfortable wooden furniture, heavy decorative textiles, becoming a great inspiration for jewellery design.

Juicy Beats: Juicy beats is inspired by fun, eternal spring and a most lovable and classic retro-style. It reflects the desire of people to change, to make a difference in their lives, to step out of routine, but still stay put in the group. Sweet feminine colours catch people on their bright side and emphasise on what might change our immediate surrounding into something a tiny little bit better. They open young peoples’ minds with new and good vibes, easy to put in practice without hesitation by this tiny retro-hint, they create passages and bridges for the ages to understand each other. The charming retro image of old photos of the 70‘s with bleached colours, highlighted by the colours of light reflections. Holography expresses this lifestyle, with its changing, almost moving colours, corresponding to light, bright as life can be: with playful stripes, dots, flowers, colour shading and blurring, all fresh and bright for wallpapers, home textiles and table ware, stationery and decorative objects.
Tribal Safari: The tribal safari trend reminds us that our planet Earth and all nature are an endless source of inspiration and deserves more attention in threatening times than ever before in history. Warm earthy colours take care of cosiness in the rooms, such to provide a restful refuge. With love for natural materials, we create a home that grounds us. Tribal Safari celebrates the scenery with the beauty of imperfection.  Ethnic patterns and handmade-objects show off an uncomplicated leisure oriented ethnic trend. Dark woods, huge cushions, haptic surfaces, rugs and pottery add to an impressive surrounding. People are increasingly searching for an alternative to industrialised life and fast consumption and leading towards a sustainable future. In the coming years, aesthetically and internationally, the ethnic lifestyle will get a load of influence from Africa. We will see a lot of ethnical masks in interior decoration layers as well as ethnic inspired objects, for instance dream-catchers or ritual jewellery.

HGH India 2019, India’s largest trade show for home textiles, home décor, houseware and gifts is being held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre from July 2-4, 2019. The trends forecasted in ‘Beyond Shapes – Universal Future’ are also available compiled in a trend book, They have a physical manifestation at a generously dimensioned special area in HGH India 2019 named the Trends Pavilion in Hall 1. The Trends Pavilion is not an abstract concept of future trends but applicable designs and colours which will be demonstrated by real products showcased at HGH India.  They will inspire product development and assortment planning.
HGH will connect 700 brands, manufacturers and importers from 32 countries with over 35,000 Indian retailers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, institutional buyers and interior designers from over 5000 cities and towns across India.

About HGH India: HGH India, the annual trade show for Home Textiles, Home Décor, Gifts & Houseware is organised by Texzone Information Services Pvt. Ltd. The trade show is specially designed to connect the Indian market for home products and gifts with retailers, artisans and micro enterprises. High quality trade visitors at HGH India include department stores, hyper markets, specialty stores, high-end luxury stores and boutiques, traditional store owners, and online and electronic medium retailers. Institutional buyers, corporate gift buyers, interior designers, prospective agents and franchisees also attend the event in large numbers. Besides these, leading Indian importers, distributors, buying agents and brand representatives attend HGH India to explore new business opportunities and partnerships. HGH India has firmly established itself as a world-class, professional, trend-setting trade show for home textiles, home décor, houseware and gifts. The show connects its exhibitors with their potential trade buyers in India and helps them find long-term business partners.


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