Tips to Survive the Summers better by Mr Satkam Divya, CEO, KlinicApp

by Shrutee K/DNS
New Delhi: The much loved sunny summers are back again! While the chilly winters restrict us to the walls of our rooms; summers bring the joy of traveling, dressing up, cold beverages and of course the best summer fruits. Along with the enjoyment which summer brings, the risk for several health conditions also hikes during summers. These are basically referred to as the summer diseases and to keep them at bay, we definitely need to know about such diseases and how to prevent us from falling prey to the scorchy sun!
So we have compiled these diseases along with the associated health tips with each condition. It will surely help you stay survive the summers better, so that summers remain the favorite season for the ones who love it.
Sunburn: Hot sun which was cozy in winters will now burn the skin! High temperatures during summers can cause the rashes on your skin and resultant sweating can further increase the itching and can irritate you.
Tips: Try to wear clothes which cover your skin thoroughly. Wear cotton and lose clothes. Always carry an umbrella while going under the sun. Cover your head and face with a cloth to prevent the direct fall of sunlight. You can apply sunscreen lotion or cream with at least SPF 15 on the exposed parts of your body.
Dehydration: Even though you work as per your regular schedule, but your body gets dehydrated very quickly in summers due to the exorbitantly high in temperature. This may lead to dehydration which again is a root cause of multiple health problems!
Tips: Drink plenty of water. Add in your worklist to drink a minimum of 12 glasses of water in a day. Drink purified water only, as bacteria and viruses are more prevalent in this season.
Conjunctivitis: Soreness in eyes is called conjunctivitis. It causes inflammation in the eyes and is a kind of bacterial infection. Conjunctivitis infection are more prone in summers than in other seasons.
Tips: Wash your eyes with pure water. You can use an eye drop such as Fresh tears to keep the eyes moist and clean. You can also cover your eyes with sunglasses when coming under the sun as heat can inflame the eyes more.
Food poisoning: Humidity in the environment allows bacteria to poison the vegetables and other food items. Consuming them will upset your stomach and will cause food poisoning. Since summers are related to increasing in humidity, chances of food poisoning are also higher.
Tips: Avoid uncooked and street food. Eat healthily. Always wash your vegetables with fresh water before use. Take small meals but frequently. Do not starve yourself.
Headache: When sun rays strike on your head, penetration of heat can result in pain in your head. Headache is very common during the summers.
Tips: Drink plenty of water, it will keep you hydrated and fresh. Take coconut water, milk and juices in your diet. Keep doors and windows of your house or office closed during noon.
Cough and cold: Taking cold beverages in the sweating condition can sore your throat. Also, alternatively shifting from Air conditioned rooms to open sunny environment results in disturbed regulation in the body. This results in cold and cough which can hamper your health.
Tips: Drink cold water or any other cold beverage only after relaxing and soaking sweat. Avoid moving directly from an air-conditioned room to open sunny areas. Instead turn off the AC 30 minutes before moving outside. Give your body time to adapt and only then step outside.
Summer depression: Highest temperature months in summer are March to June. Severe climatic changes in these months can bring mood swings in the people. Many people are not able to tolerate heat and resultant depression cases are also high.
Tips: If you’re also super- sensitive to heat, avoid coming under the sun as much as the possible or at least avoid remaining under the sun for more than 3 hours. Keep your body hydrated and consume those food items which increase serotonin level in your body. Avoid caffeine especially in noon.
Asthma attack: Presence of pollens in the atmosphere increases in the summer months and hence asthmatic patients start facing breathing issues. So, basically, summers are not so good for asthmatics and thus taking proper precautions becomes mandatory.
Tips: Cover your nose and mouth with a mask. Keep your allergy profile checked by your consultant. Take your medications properly on time. Do not eat those food items to which you are allergic.
Mosquito-borne diseases: Mostly mosquito borne diseases start spreading during late summers. The growth of mosquitoes in the stagnant water at your home serves as the breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Tips: Apply mosquito repellant and cover all eating items adequately. Do not leave them open. Keep your nearby area clean. Use antiseptic solutions in your bathing and cleaning water. Always clean your coolers after every 2-3 days.
Sun Stroke: With the sun shining upon the head, high heat and extreme temperature there are increased chances of sunstroke. Though it is rare but very much prevalent, so taking precautions becomes mandatory.
Tips: Keep yourself away from the direct fall of sunlight as much as possible. Avoid using two-wheelers during peak sunny hours. Keep yourself covered while moving out in the sun.
The sunny days are enjoyable if spent healthy. So take care of your health, don’t fall prey to the devil heat by taking the above listed precautions. Happy summers!


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