Live Organ Transplant: Brother-in-law donates liver

Gaurav Vispute (32), brother-in-law of Shrikant Ahirrav (42) donated 50% of his liver out of love and affection in a lifesaving deed at Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Mumbai
by Shrutee K/DNS
MumbaiIn a rare instance, 32-year-old Gaurav Vispute from Jalgaon, gave a new lease of life to his brother-in-law, Shrikant Ahirrav by donating 50% of his liver at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital. Ahirrav—a resident of Nashik, was suffering from complete liver damage due to a chronic liver disease since past five years.
After extensive screening process and completion all necessary documentation, Ahirrav underwent a ten-hour live liver transplant surgery at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital (NSSH) on December 15. Dr Ankur Garg, Head & Sr Consultant—HPB Surgery & Liver transplant Unit spearheaded the team of specialists for the successful transplant surgery.
“The patient was admitted with complaints of recurrent fluid build-up in the stomach due to liver cirrhosis and loss of consciousness and brain functions due to toxic build-up in the bloodstream as a result of chronic liver disease,” Dr Garg said.
“He was lucky to get a donor at the right time. Patient’s diseased liver was replaced with 50% healthy liver of the donor. Considering the duo’s healthy recovery, their liver will grow back to its original, size within four to six months,” he added.  
Since 2017, Ahirrav was being treated by the liver specialists across Maharashtra without any relief. “I tried alternate medicine, followed several doctors in Nashik and a prominent hospital in Mumbai. None could offer accurate treatment. Fortunately, we met Dr Jayant Barve, senior Consultant - Gastroenterology and G.I. Endoscopy who suggested that I should get admitted at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital,” said Ahirrav.
Apart from health hazards, patient’s condition was also affecting his quality of life and causing loss of work. Considering the extent of the liver damage, specialists from NSSH suggested liver transplant as a permanent solution for both, medical and socio-economic issues.
However, while none of his close relatives were compatible for liver donation, Ahirrav’s brother-in-law, Gaurav Vispute readily agreed for donation. “I was aware of his recurrent condition and proud to be able to help. My little scepticism about the surgery was immediately resolved after detailed clarifications by Dr Garg and his team,” said Vispute. 
It was the first live liver transplantation procedure for the hospital that has gained popularity for its successful organ transplant program in recent years. “We have performed several cadaveric donations but this surgery was challenging. On third day the patient was out of ICU and by the tenth day he was able to walk around the corridors without any help. We discharged him after 14 days as he was completely mobile and healthy,” said Dr Abdul Ansari, Director, Critical Care Unit, NSSH.
“I never felt as if I underwent a major surgery,” Ahirrav said. “It felt like home with the doctors, nurses and support staff behaving like a family. I thank my brother-in-law and NSSH to save my life and I vouch to live a healthy life ahead,” he said.
NSSH has been organising a special Liver OPD at Nashik every second Saturday, in association with Suyash Hospital for the benefit of local residents who don’t have access to super speciality medical care.
Mr Manpreet Sohal, Director and Chief Operating Officer, NSSH said the surgery has added another feat to numerous achievements of NSSH. “The surgery puts us on the map of live liver transplantations and it’s a new ray of hope for all chronic liver disease patients seeking holistic, successful and permanent clinical solutions. Due to extensive pre-surgical evaluation process and post-surgical care we manage to avoid any health complication for organ recipient or donor. Most importantly we offer the most affordable liver transplant program in the city,” said Mr Sohal.


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