"Dubai Festival In Mumbai"

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai, 22nd January 2016: Hungund Events & Entertainment Pvt Ltd announced the dates for the first edition of Dubai Festival in Mumbai (DFM). The Dubai Festival in Mumbai is a 10-day extravaganza starting from 8th April 2016, it will be held at a venue in BKC (Bandra), Mumbai. This trade festival will bring to life the amazing and unbelievable experience that the world knows of as Dubai.
DFM will showcase various facets of a truly global city. The objective is to capture and leverage the bi-lateral ties through cultural, business, trade and commerce exchange in Mumbai. The festivals mission is to create multiple opportunities to take Dubai to the world and bring the world to Dubai.
Mr Mohammad Kaif Hungund, Managing Director, Hungund Entertainment & Events pvt ltd. said, “Dubai Festival in Mumbai has been organised to provide both countries opportunities, tailored to meet the market needs. We aim to bring an extravaganza of culture, trade, entertainment, food and tourism to Mumbai. I am pleased to announce our 10-day festival, which will include the best of Dubai in Mumbai. Our festival will be spread over 25,500 sq metres allowing us to give a platform for both b2b and b2c commercial and trade exchange. We look forward to seeing you at Dubai Festival in Mumbai.”

Supported by honorable, Mr. Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi, President & Chairman of the Board of Arab Business Club, says, “It is our pleasure to be associated with Dubai Festival In Mumbai. Trade between UAE & India has been on for years and we are proud of this association and thrive to make it more profitable for both the countries and strive towards the same. The Arab Business Club focuses on becoming the leading Business Networking Club worldwide and targets the Elite Business Circle in the Arab world, hence it provides opportunities for businesses worldwide to promote themselves and represent their country in this circle.” Mr Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi is also a Board Member of World Fashion Organization “WFO”, President of Arabian Trade & Investment International - “Morocco” and “Egypt”, President of Al Murshidi International Development Co. LTD “Sudan”, President of Al Murshidi International Services “Thailand”, Special Advisor Thailand Muslim Trade Association., Advisor Thai Small & Medium Enterprise Council. He is also Honorary Member of Diplomatic Circle Geneva.
The Dubai Festival in Mumbai embodies the pulsating, progressive and dynamic spirit of Dubai. DFM will capture the essence of entertainment, culture, hospitality and business experiences through interactive events, spectacular shows and facilitation of business on both, a B2B and B2C level. It will have dedicated zones related to tourism, hospitality, culture and other businesses like Real estate, electronics among others, giving Mumbaikar’s a chance to experience Dubai right here in their own.
Indians have emerged as important investors within the UAE and India as a major export destination for goods manufactured there. India-UAE trade, valued at $180 million per annum in the 1970s, has gone up to around USD 60 billion. India’s major imports from UAE include petroleum and petroleum products, precious metals, stones, gems and jewellery, minerals and chemicals.
DFM sponsor Mr. Kulwant Singh, Managing Director, Lama Tours and President of Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC), who is responsible in enhancing business relationships between India and UAE says, “A substantial contributor to economic growth in UAE is the continual advancement of the tourism sector, and India has long been a significant contributor with more than 1 million Indians now visiting the emirate annually for leisure or business tourism purposes, or to see and spend time with friends and relatives. Dubai is becoming a must-experience destination for India’s outbound tourists with leading UAE premium-experience travel websites running campaigns to promote Dubai among Indian travellers. We are looking forward to attracting more Indian visitors and their families for longer and towards sharing a bright future that mirrors the bright history that our two countries share.
With a vision to promote and leverage bi-lateral ties between these two mega metropolises; the Dubai Festival in Mumbai will be a first-of-its-kind in India. The festival’s mission is to create multiple opportunities of engagement between individuals, companies and corporations of both countries.
DFM is under the aegis of Hungund Events & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and representatives includes Esmail Amin Hungund (Chairman), Mohammad Kaif Hungund (Managing Director), Ayub Amin Hungund  (Director of Finance) and Yusuf Hungund (Technical Director).
For more information on the Dubai Festival In, please visithttp://www.dfm-india.com/


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