Interview with sieger Design about the Future of the Bathroom

with the Viu ceramics range, the XViu furniture range, and the matching bathtubs, Duravit and sieger design present a complete bathroom range that exudes forward-looking design.

Q.The briefing from Duravit for the new Viu/XViu range included the intention to effect a paradigm shift, essentially to glimpse the future of the bathroom. Were you surprised?

Christian Sieger: Definitely. The visionary look to the future stated in the briefing indicated a progressive and initially also surprising approach - which also extended to consumer electronics or the automotive sector, i.e. highly complex consumer products. Transposing these benchmarks to the bathroom context gave us a clear idea of where we needed to be heading.

Q.What is the approach to Viu/XViu? And how did you find the subsequent discussions with Duravit?

Michael Sieger: With the development of Viu, we are meeting the changing demands on today's bathroom and continuing its evolution. Over the last ten to fifteen years, the bathroom has developed into a homely space, which has also changed the requirements as regards the equipment features. A washbasin or a bathtub is now seen as more of a piece of furniture than a sanitary product.

Christian Sieger: The openness with which we discussed our ideas and designs, and the opportunity we had to completely rethink the bathroom and bathroom products, created a really exciting process.

Michael and Christian Sieger

Q.For you, what is the stand-out feature of Viu/XViu?

Michael Sieger: For us, Viu/XViu combines a high level of modernity, precision and accuracy with a similarly high level of longevity, elegance and quality. Through the combination of ceramic and vanity unit with the c-bonded technology, we have achieved a level of precision rarely seen in ceramics, and this has really raised the bar in terms of sanitary design.

Christian Sieger: The perfection of a product is contained in the many aspects that you only notice on the second look - e.g. the pretty inner lining of a suit jacket, the open engine compartment of a vehicle. We made that our motto with Viu/XViu. When I lie in the bathtub, I have a completely different perspective, for instance of the underside of the washbasin, and we wanted to take that into account, too. It was at the front of our mind for every last detail of the series.

Q.How would you describe the look of Viu/XViu?

Christian Sieger: We consider Viu/XViu to have more of an industrial look, which is also expressed in its colour. The marked linearity of the range is amplified by the materials and surfaces that we employed. Some of the products also sport futuristic features, without losing sight of the present. This lends the range a very strong expressive quality. For me, overall the range has a very metropolitan aesthetic.

Q. To what extent does Viu/XViu bring us closer to the bathroom of the future?

Michael Sieger: I think that with Viu/XViu we are throwing open a new door in terms of bathroom design. The range underlines the fact that the bathroom of today and the future shares characteristics with the living room and shows the direction in which we will develop.


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