Nature walk One more step towards a Healthier Lifestyle.

Mumbai, 2nd June 2019: The cool morning and the shade from the trees provided for a perfect ambience for the 170 people that turned up for the #LetsWalk event at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on a summer Sunday morning. We can all benefit from making the effort to leave our urban dwellings and spend time in nature.Nature reduces stress and helps us find meaning and connect with our true selves.

Trying to keep ourselves ahead in the rat race and juggling between the work and personal life leads to stress, mental fatigue, burnout and a host of lifestyle disease. In order to maintain the balance between the lifestyle we live and the pace, we need to adopt a healthy & holistic approach towards our Body, Mind & Soul. 
With this as their core belief, the team of LetsWalk and Vrudhi Holistic Health Care successfully carried out a 3rd edition to the #LetsWalk initiative, urging the common man to take up walking and stay connected to their nature.  Supporting this thought, Decathlon associated with the cause and imparted the confidence and motivation. 

A short walk in to the green forest is where the action all began. Starting off with a warm up session by a professional, the enthusiastic group participated in doing the stretches and gearing up their body for the following activities. 
Away from their gadgets for a few hours was a blessing. Leaving behind all their worries and woes and concentrating on that surrounds them, allowed them the chance to mingle with like minded people. Bonding is what we miss out in our daily lives and that’s what one of the highlights was of the event. As the group progressed ahead deeper in to the luscious green trees, they were overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded them. On their way back the group participated in a Nature treasure hunt back to the starting point. 

The treasure hunt was a golden opportunity to dig out the overlooked beauty. This also paved the way for people of all ages to communicate and work together. It was specially designed to connect with nature and make use of your skills as an individual and a team player. #Let’s walk movement, initiated its first event on 3rd June 2018 and another prosperous event on 2nd September 2018. 
The organisers, Vrudhi Holistic Health Care, Take Off, Laja, Aware Raho and Woodpecker Media came together for a common belief and turned it in to reality. The event has received immense support with a host of partners joining to demonstrate their support: Head to heal, HUNK, Rent a Gadget by Exiom Systems, Future Kidz, Society, Brotos, Sweet Indulgence, Amayra Naturals, Entrepreneur Excel, All time plastics, Sattuz, Slurrp Farm, S Kaur. 
All joined in and showed solidarity towards health and wellness. 

The healthy walkers were given goody bags filled with hearty treats provided by the sponsors. LetsWalk will continue to organise these walks because Walking is so simple that there is no other reason to not explore the nature. 


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