INSOFE, INDIA and Case Western Reserve University, USA announce the launch of a 1st of its kind MS in Core Engineering Disciplines and Data Science

by Shrutee K/DNS
Mumbai February 27, 2020: Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering from CASE Western Reserve University, School of Engineering joined hands with International School of Engineering (INSOFE) to offer Masters degrees with dual specializations (Core and Data Science/AI)
The program starts with 15 credits of Data Science education at INSOFE. Once these credits are completed, the remaining credits of course work will be delivered at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  
Major benefits of the program
Upon successful completion, the student gets a fully accredited Master’s Degree by the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH and hence will be able to benefit from 3 years of OPT (Subject to approval by USCIS).
The programs are designed such that any engineering student can choose any discipline provided they have the right mathematical background.
The students once selected through the interview process become eligible for GRE/TOEFL waiver and $15,000 tuition fee waiver 
Speaking on the occasion Dr. Venkataraman Ragu Balakrishnan, Dean of the Case School of Engineering said “The Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University recognizes the importance of Data Science's role in the industry and across the engineering disciplines. Our dual specialisation master's degree programs provide a rigorous curriculum based in Data Sciences and designed to help our graduates stand out in their field. I offer my sincerest welcome to the new students joining our programs through our partnership with INSOFE.
Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, President and Co-Founder, INSOFE said “As practicing Deep Learning has become accessible, organizations are working on complex problems and solving important issues using Data Science.  Hence engineers who understand their domain and data science are the need of the hour.
Mr. Ankush Gupta from ZS associates said “The Lifesciences industry is at a cusp where AI and Data Science is helping drive improved Commercial and Health outcomes. For example, how can Pharma companies better engage with healthcare physicians OR predict patient events to drive preventive care and completion of therapy! To solve such problems, we at ZS believe in developing experts who understand Industry and Data Science deeply. This program has a similar dual objective and feels like the right foundational step to build future experts.”
Mr. Gaurav Agrawal, Head of Education USA, INSOFE and CEO, Soothsayer Analytics, USA based Data Science & A.I. Consulting Company, said “This Master’s program will give a unique opportunity to the youth from India to excel in Global marketplace by having unparallel education in Data Science and improve employment opportunities for the youth and position India as a top destination for such talent”  Mr Agarwal thanked the media persons for the presence and support.
About INSOFE: INSOFE is a world-class research, consulting and graduate education institution with a focus on Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning. Extending the horizon beyond a perception that Data Science is a specialization in computer science, we recognize the discipline as a fundamental alternative that practices deductive Science with Data.  We work hard to bake a Data Science way of solving problems in many domains like healthcare, supply chain, financial markets, and robotics.  We are passionate about teaching applied engineering in a technology-intensive industry.  We cascade this learning through our work with CXOs, Non-tech leaders, tech leaders, and executives. We believe it will change the world for good.
INSOFE specializes in Creating innovative academic programs in applications of data science in various domains.  
Researching the changing roles within the enterprise due to the proliferation of Data Science 
Create & offer suitable intervention driven hands-on programs for each of these roles.   
Conducting research, building IP, innovating products and consulting with companies to help solve some extremely challenging real-world problems.
Our unique aspects,15 Full-time Faculty,7 Adjunct Faculty,40+ Data Scientists,6000+ Alumni
About Case Western Reserve University: With more than 125 years of experience, the Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University is rooted in collaborative research and experiential learning. Students inquire, discover and create alongside distinguished faculty, and build a global professional network while attending classes in one of the most culturally robust communities in Cleveland.
Ranks Among Top Private research Institutions in USA.  Accredited by Higher Learning Commission
Founded in 1826,17 Noble Laureates,12,000 Students from 81 Different Countries,20000+ Alumni
About Soothsayer Analytics:Soothsayer Analytics builds smart algorithms, all the connecting pieces to make them work, and A.I. Centers of Excellence for various Fortune 500 companies globally.  Soothsayer have expertise in Classification, Predictive Analytics, Optimization, Pattern Recognition, and Unstructured Data.  Problems solved range from predicting failures of numerous machines & processes to optimizing 1000-node supply chains and from analyzing millions of documents for deep insight to computer vision-based defect detection.  We leverage our cross-industry experience, and understanding of best practices, to architect, develop, and deliver custom, data-driven solutions for forward-thinking companies. 


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