Romantic Drama “Pyaar Me Zeeru Hu” & Horror Family Drama “Mamma the Spirit” by Bandu Films Entertainment

Romantic Drama “Pyaar Me Zeeru Hu” & Horror Family Drama “Mamma the Spirit” by Bandu Films Entertainment, MMK Film & Devansi Films to be Released Soon National wide in April, 2020 

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai, February, 2020: The trailer launches of two movies today in Mumbai “Mamma the Spirit” & Pyaar Me Zeeru Hu” which is produced by Bandu Films Entertainment, MMK Film & Devansi Films, will take over the Cinema soon in the month of April, 2020. 

Actors Vinit Verma & Tridev Lohiya is going to play Lead role in the movie of “Mamma the Spirit” with the supporting casts of Jyoti Singh, Rekha Sarkar, R.R.Mishra, Raj Agrawal, Deepa Somaiya and many more. The movie is based on the horror concept of mother and son relation and their emotions.
Shit Govind Bandu & Rohit Prajapati is leading & debut Actors in the film of “Pyaar me Zeeru Hu” with the supporting artists of Priyanci Raghuvansi, Bhabhuti Sharma & R.R. Mishra. The movie is a romantic comedy with family value that has a lot of humor and at the same time lots of passion, intrigue, ambition and power struggles.
The Producers of the both movies are Mr. Harishchand Kanojia, Manish Kanojia & Shit Govind Bandu while Sunil Verma is the writer & director of films and Music by Yuvraj More. It will broadcast in the Mumbai and National Wide soon.


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