"The Healers"- Author Foram Shah talks about her book

by Shrutee K/DNS
Foram Shah Lives in Mumbai, India is an inspiration. At a young age, she has received huge heights of success.  Call it as a fortunate or hard-working, rewards are never served to a dawdled. Being an author was not a blessing she got in her genes but the interest she flourishes from childhood.
“This book was inspired by a childhood trauma, where my hemoglobin went way below the required level and eating beetroots and dates brought it up to an acceptable level again.” Says the Author Foram Shah
This ingenious girl was influenced by every book she read. The first book that she read was of the Famous Five series when she was in the fifth grade. As a typical child of the 90s she was a part of the Harry Potter followers too. She also loves comics. While speaking more about her own book, she says there is an important message underlining it. And that would be, don't get too obsessed with body and looks, or these thoughts can easily break you. People will judge you, pass vile comments on your shape and size but never let that mess with your sensibilities or break you down completely so that you have to resort to extreme and unhealthy measures.
Prime Focus Limited (PFL), the world’s largest independent integrated media services powerhouse, the five-times Oscar-winning company has also approached the Author Foram Shah to make a series of her books in their production house. It was a very well written book with a very interesting concept. We knew it immediately that we wanted to work on it. -Anita Keelor, Prime focus Production Limited (Business Development and Marketing Manager)
I was immediately drawn to the concept of the book. That’s why we have given our heart and soul to this project from at least a year. This is the kind of content people should be reading and watching -Tanmay, Prime Focus Production Limited (Director of Healers the series).
Foram Shah: She is one of the best authors in the industry. Her recently launched book is ‘The Healers’. In this book, she weaves an interesting tale around eating habits in teenagers. Prime Focus Limited (PFL), the world’s largest independent integrated media services powerhouse, the five-times Oscar-winning company has also approached the Author Foram Shah to make series of her books in their production house. She combines the theme in a surprising way to highlight the importance of healthy eating habits for children. The important message underlined in the book would be not getting too obsessed with our looks and appearance or these thoughts can hamper our exponential growth. And we should not get affected by the judgments of others or this can hamper our sensibility.  Her domain sets in children's books where she writes along with awareness assorted in it. Her books have touched thousands of souls and have gained a lot of popularity. A lot of unequivocal realities have been revealed through the characters in the book. Her distinctive storytelling style and taste for gripping tales have attracted many admirers.


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