100 Birthdays,One Big Party by Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon

by Shrutee K/DNS

AXF Goregaon is a center for the underprivileged children who are taught Math, English and Life Skills by volunteers from the area. With a large number of children that come back year after year, the center is growing bigger and bigger. Out of the 385 million children living in extreme poverty worldwide, 30% come from India. In addition to suffering from malnourishment, a lack of education, and a lack of income, these children also do not get the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays, just like all of us privileged do every year.

In collaboration with Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon, Make A Difference takes a very different approach in helping underprivileged children by taking into consideration an issue which is very often overlooked- a child’s happiness. Birthday parties are one of the most memorable events in a child’s life, and every single child, regardless of their race, class or economic status deserves a day to celebrate, feel free, and have fun.

Celebrating one’s birthday brings happiness not only to the said person, but everyone around them. This atmosphere and excitement is what the children from Angel Xpress Foundation have been on a mission to achieve along with a secure future. The idea of making someone's day by showing them a little appreciation is one of the easiest and most fulfilling things we can do to bring them joy. So rather than just distributing chocolates, or cutting cake on each child’s birthday, the center and Make A Differece had one big year end party for all their children together. They came dressed up in their party clothes, made to feel special by the volunteers that took care of the smallest of details. They leaf no stone unturned. Right from a huge cake to juggler, Dj, decoration, party games, gifts, you name it! It was a riot of laughter all around.

The children at Angel Xpress Foundation, #Goregaon are some of the brightest and most optimistic we have ever met, despite being less fortunate. Watching them and getting to work with them is eye-opening and incredibly inspiring. This initiative is extremely valuable as it brings attention to children's happiness and joy while providing them with necessities, such as stationary and notebooks. “It is one of the best feelings in the world knowing that you are the reason someone has a smile on their face, and you could be the reason for theirs if you choose to Make A Difference”, is what Nikki Singh and Tanya Ghosh, Heads of Make A Difference 2019 had to say about their association. Adding to that they further said, “We would like to thank Janhavi Tibrewal who founded the Make A Difference by OIS in association with Angel Xpress Foundation Goregaon. We are thankful to her for making us the heads of the project this year". 


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