Alpine Cow Parade-a unique and enthralling experience

by Shrutee K/DNS

In Switzerland, you know the clock will soon strike autumn when processions of cows crowned with flowers and hung with huge clanging bells, descend from summer alpine pastures to their winter barns before the snow. Authentic customs and traditions are enthusiastically celebrated on this festive occasion, attracting a large audience.

Led by cowherds and children dressed in embroidered traditional jackets and dresses, the festivities include more than pretty cows, on parade you can hear alpenhorns and yodeling, and see traditional dancing, flag-throwing and men marching to the tune of the cowbells around their necks. Regional crafts and food are offered, including, of course, cheese! This can be experienced in various regions of Switzerland including Gstaad and Lucerne.
Right time to visit: September to October.


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