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Lunn means Salt in many desi languages like Rajasthani, Punjabi, Sindhi and Utranchali.  Lunn salt is harvested from pristine land of Rajasthan, unpolluted and toxins free source of mineral rich salt. Mineral rich ground water is pumped into salt pans and evaporated in two seasons. First salt brand which is served in two Harvest - Summer and Winter Harvest.
Summer harvest has Sun Tanned Crystal because of hot summers and Winter harvest has sparkling white Crystal due to cold temperatures. Two harvest ensures Lunn salt is Raw and Pure, packed with natural minerals. Lunn is a mild salt, this adds a very unique difference to your food. Being mild it enhances the flavour of food rather than dominating the flavour of food. Lunn is fair trade certified which ensures the farmers are paid three times their regular income in salt harvesting.
Being harvested in desert of Rajasthan it is free from micro plastics which is found in sea salt. Feel the difference by tasting the raw salt, you will get a tangy flavour and in 5-10 seconds there is no after taste unlike your regular salt which is harsh salty with no minerals. Try your self to believe the difference.

Harvesting and using desert salt with a purpose: With its simplicity and standard taste, salt is often defined with terms such as ordinary, humble and regular. Inspite of this, it remains the key ingredient in all our food. Isn’t it surprising that we give little importance to the kind of salt we use? Most of us, usually, pick up a packet of salt from the super market and use it for all our daily cooking. When it comes to salt, the most we do is, keep a check on our daily salt intake. Too much is not good for the body as it could lead to issues such as hypertension, blood pressure and more; too little is not enough, as salt is an essential source of minerals.
However, one thing appears to be changing and merits attention: conscious food eating habits. As consumers, the world over, become more conscious about the food they eat, where it comes from, who makes it and what goes into its making, the awareness about salt is increasing, too.

The truth about salt: A number of factors decide how good a certain salt is – the source, the process of manufacturing, purity and naturalness. Salt is one of the most common minerals found on the Earth. It is available from various sources – mountain, sea and desert, extracted through different processes.

Desert salt – sourced from pristine deserts of Rajasthan: In India, the salt pans in the deserts of Rajasthan provide significant amount of salt. Lunn desert salt is sourced from the unpolluted deserts of Rajasthan. Produced through natural processes, using the energies of the sun, it is hand-harvested with age-old methods. Lunn’s parent company, Global Brand Resources (GBR) is an emerging manufacturer, producer and exporter of organic food products from India. The company offers clients the world over, salt, tea, saffron and spices, among other products, with sought for its purity and wholesomeness, Lunn desert salt goes through natural, sustainable, fair trade processes, from desert to table. These vast desert lands are free from pollution. Unlike the other key source of salt – sea – the salt harvested from deserts ensures there are no impurities and contamination.
Created with natural processes: Deserts hold vast amounts of water beneath the surface of the Earth. This water is naturally mineral rich. Pumped through wells, it reaches the surface and makes its way into the saltpans. From then on, the water is let to evaporate with the help of strong desert sunlight. Once evaporated, it leaves behind mineral-rich crystals of salt. These crystals are then hand-harvest by salt farmers and collected in dunes. Further, the salt dunes are left to dry naturally. Next, the salt is transported to Lunn’s facility, where it is manually cleaned and hand packed with high standards of hygiene. Unlike some other salts, Lunn salt is free of chemicals or anti-caking agent.

Lunn desert salt has two forms, based on its harvest season:
  • Summer harvest: fast evaporation
  • Winter harvest: slow evaporation
Mild in taste – perfect for daily cooking: Vegan, natural and organically harvested, one of the key characteristics of Lunn desert salt is its mildness, which ensures that the real flavors of ingredients and food are retained while cooking. Why is it important? For those who cook, from the flavor perspective, it is important to have the right balance. A lot of times, strong salt can take over the natural flavors of food, while the salt overpowers the taste. But that’s not the case with mild desert salt. There’s more to its goodness: it can be used for daily home cooking, as well as for special delicacies, Indian food as well as other cuisines.

Mineral and nutrients-rich: One of the key differentiating factors between Lunn and normal salt, is its component of natural minerals and micronutrients. A generous daily dose of Lunn desert salt ensures a bountiful of minerals to the body, such as iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and 80 other minerals in traces. The benefits? The right amounts of minerals in the body help it to absorb and utilize essential nutrients for optimal functioning, vitality and health.

Why pure desert salt: An increasing number of consumers are currently seeking a closer connection with all things natural, healthy eating, and desiring to connect with age-old traditional food. Lunn is at the helm of this interest with discernment for what is truly pure, clean, natural and generated from traditional wisdom. Because there is magic in this tradition.


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