ShareChat Education Report: How India is learning on the go

Increased content creation and interest around education, with focus on preparation for competitive exams
by Shrutee K/DNS
National,September 2019: For a country that places paramount importance to education, Teacher’s Day celebrated on September 5, is an occasion to commemorate the ‘Gurus’ in India. To mark this day, ShareChat, India’s fastest growing regional social networking app, has shared education trends amongst their users in India.  With a focus on key topics such as examination tips and shortcuts, the report puts light on the usage of the platform across different regions in India, like a significant increase of 3190.54% user generated content in Karnataka, especially around ‘Education’. This demonstrates the time Indians are spending on learning more.
Sunil Kamath, Chief Business Officer, ShareChat said "At ShareChat, our focus has always been on providing our users with relevant and local content. This year’s education report demonstrates our relentless focus on enabling consumers to leverage our platform for things that matter to them, like learning and teaching. We have studied every market and noticed a significant increase in user generated content around education. It’s interesting to note that users are sharing preparation tips and tutorials to help other users increase their knowledge and skills. The report is a testimony to how rural India is using social media applications such as ours to learn more.”
Key highlights of the report:
Educational Institutes show maximum interest on ShareChat in Tamil Nadu
The report suggests that users in Tamil Nadu show a substantial interest from Educational Institutes and coaching centers for competitive exams such as IAS.  The key topics covered in education range from examination tips, shortcuts, general knowledge to competitive exam questions. There has been a whopping 178.53% increase in user generated content in the region in the education segment compared to last year.
General Knowledge and Learning English gain traction amongst users in Andhra Pradesh
Users in Andhra Pradesh generate content in education around general knowledge, learning English, preparation tips for competitive exams and mathematics formulae. 8 AM – 10 AM and 12noon to 2PM see maximum user generated content about education in Andhra Pradesh while also seeing a 97.78% increase in user content from last year. 
Competitive examination tips are engaging factors in Kerala
The report further reveals that content related to PSC preparation, examination tips, co-operative banks exam list and tutorials are key discussion topics in Kerala. Kerala also sees a large number of educational institutes on ShareChat such as Spark PSC Coaching Kottarakara, Career Institute Of Medical Science Kottayam, College of Commerce and Radix College of Cellphone & Laptop and Engineering.
Exam Trolls and General Knowledge are the key discussion points amongst Kannada users
Kannada users are seen sharing examination trolls, tips, tricks and general knowledge on ShareChat. Users in Karnataka are seen creating maximum content in education around 6PM to 8PM. Karnataka users have shown a significant 3190.54% increase in user generated content in comparison to last year.
Exam motivation is the most engaging topic for Hindi users
The report also suggests that exam motivation, general knowledge and current affairs are the primary discussion points for Hindi users. Hindi users also saw a 190.27% increase in user generated content in education from last year.
Punjabi users share IELTS preparation tips on ShareChat
Users from Punjab are majorly seen sharing content for IELTS preparations, English speaking, general knowledge and interesting facts. Higher educational institutes from Punjab are also seen using ShareChat to connect with a wider audience. Punjab also saw a 125.64% increase in user generated content in education in comparison to last year.
General Knowledge and Current Affairs top the charts in Assam users
Assam sees users sharing content around general knowledge, current affairs and HSLC exam discussions. Maximum content around education is seen from 10 AM- 12 PM.
Odia users share job related content and examination schedules on ShareChat
Key discussion points for Odia users are centered around job vacancies, job information, examination schedules, quizzes, technology and gadgets. Odia users, the report indicates that users prefer studying at night from 8PM to 10PM see the maximum user generated content in education. Additionally, there was a 10% increase in user generated content around Education.
Marathi user generated content focuses on English speaking
Marathi users share content around English speaking, competitive exam questions, exam tips, shortcuts and general knowledge. Various educational institutes such as Purav Infotech Computer Institute, Late G. N. Sapkal College of Engineering and English Guru Academy are using ShareChat to enhance the learning experience. There has been over 226% increase in user generated content around Education in comparison to last year.
General knowledge and exam tips are key topics of discussion in Gujarat
Key topics of discussion in Gujarat on ShareChat are general knowledge, exam tips and tricks, competitive exams and job-related posts.  Gujarati users seem to be early users as the report shows that education related posts are majorly shared early morning from 6AM to 10AM, while maximum posts are uploaded from 8AM to 10AM and 8PM to 10PM.
Bengali users look up to APJ Abdul Kalam
Bengali users talk about general knowledge, fun facts, mathematics quiz and look up to APJ Abdul Kalam through their posts on ShareChat. The highest shares for these posts are seen late morning around 10 AM -12 PM and 8pm to 10 PM.
About ShareChat:ShareChat is India’s largest regional social network allowing users to share their opinions, record their lives and make new friends - all within the comfort of their native language. Spearheading India's internet revolution, ShareChat is changing the way in which the next billion users will interact on the internet. ShareChat was started with a vision to provide a comfortable digital space not only for the people who want to use the internet in their mother tongue, but also for first-time internet users, where everyone can share their thoughts, emotions, opinions; and become friends with others without any social stigma or language as a barrier. The user generated content platform is available in 15 Indian languages including Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Odia, Kannada, Assamese, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri and Urdu.


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