Sterling Cineplex Completes 50 glorious years of Entertainment!

by Shrutee K/DNS
The epitome of style and movie connoisseurs in Mumbai since 1969, Sterling Theatre has been the heart of English movie entertainment. Mumbai’s premium contemporary and most preferred Entertainment destination completes 50 glorious years of entertainment.
Sterling Theatre was the first to introduce Dolby Surround Sound and Xenon Projection Systems, technologies that enhanced the movie-viewing experience.The THX cinema certification reproduce the acoustics and ambiance of the movie studio, allowing audiences to enjoy a movie’s sound effects, score, dialogue and visual presentation with the clarity and detail of the final mastering session. Sterling captures the charm of single movie screening giving the whole experience of movie viewing which is appreciated and valued.
The Sterling Cineplex, was the first in Mumbai, and perhaps India’s first to present THX Certified Cinema, designed to recreate the acoustics and ambiance of the movie studio.Through audio-visuals, beautiful art work interiors and multiple renowned joints, we will add layers of history to your experience of watching a movie every time you visit sterling says, Kaizad Mistry from Sterling’.
The Cineplex has Barco Digital Projector- The ultimate 3D machine DP2K-32B installed which screens up to 32m (105ft) wide providingunmatched image brightness and unparalleled 3D experience for your audience. With comfortably lightweight, Dolby’s Eco-friendly glasses deliver the premium Dolby 3D experience customers expect, with a durable design that lasts hundreds of uses.
The Theatre showcases a rich culture of its own that has evolved over time, and now dons a new look as a three-screen Cineplex. Withbrightly-lit lobby with an exceptional touch mirrors along with sweeping staircases making this magnificent heritage film theatre a place to visit. The ambience of this theatre with fragrant coffee and the mouthwatering popcorn machine glowing in the corner, spilling over generously with butter and caramel popcorn, all constituted the right ingredients for a glittering movie hall experience.Sterling Cineplex will continue to entertain its audiences with the latest blockbusters of Hollywood and Bollywood including the crossover fusion cinema.
One can come and visit the Sterling Cineplex food court which has multiple renowned joints such as Subway, Gelato, Sbarro, Wok express, and Cafe Free Indiamaking it an ideal place for Foodies and Film Lovers.
One can also avail it online as well at
Sterling Cineplex, located at 65, Murzban Rd, Azad Maidan, Fort. Mumbai.


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