Indo Count Industries Limited launched its domestic home textile brand called ‘Boutique Living’.

by Shrutee K/DNS

India: Indo Count Industries Limited (ICIL),one of the leading players in the Home Textiles industry introduced a range of high quality affordable bed linen for the Indian consumer today at HGH India held at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre. Since its inception in 1988, Indo Count specializes in providing end-to-end bedding products that solely focus on creating all-encompassing sleep experiences. With their expertise and understanding of the industry, Indo Count has become an export oriented textile manufacturer and a preferred partner for some of the best-known global retail, hospitality and fashion-brands.

Boutique Living, as the name suggests, is an aspiration brand launched by Indo Count Retail Ventures P. Ltd. to showcase its refined quality bed linen offerings. With robust R&D, technical know-how and in-house production, the brand offers the Indian consumer superior quality products ranging from 300 TC – 1000 TC. Unveiling its range of Spring Summer ’16 collection at HGH India, Boutique Living exhibited range of luxury, colors and patterns inspired from across the globe. The SS’16 collection comprises of four ranges with various sub-ranges that are crafted with innovation and technology to cater to every customer’s individual needs and tastes.

Let us take you through the product offerings:

The Highlife:A range of luxury bed linen, a cut above the rest. This range embodies the urge to live tastefully, in an elegant and stylish manner. Its prints are varied, subtle and pleasing to the eye and are available in dobby and damask patterns to choose from. This range comes with six sub-ranges and each sub-range offers a king-sized bed sheet with 2 or 4 pillow covers: Vignette (400 TC), Elegante (400 TC), Marrakesh (300 TC), Serenity (600 TC), Infinity (1000 TC), Dobby (400 TC)

YAH (Young @ Heart): Everyone is a student of life; we learn and unlearn from our experiences, with the challenge to not lose the youth within ourselves. This range reflects this thought process with some vivid and energetic prints to discover the active ‘you’.This range comes with three sub-ranges: Adventure (325 TC), Camouflage (325 TC), Color Stories (325 TC).

Trendsetter:A collection that is perfect to fit one’s stylish and trendy sense of fashion. If you’re one of those who like to keep up with changing fashion trends, then this range is made for you. This collection encompasses the latest designs and themes from across the globe, giving you a wide variety to choose from. This range is available in five sub-ranges: Herbal Garden (300 TC), Gypsy Spirit (300 TC), Intersection (300 TC), Cosmopolitan (300 TC), Hues (200 TC).
Refresh: The challenges of an urban fast life are not easy to handle. Health is the first unknown compromise we make to achieve what we want from life. If protection and nurturing are on your mind, ‘Refresh’ is where you will find an answer for a better life. With a multiple range of finishes in this collection, there is something that fulfils every individual’s need for evolved wellness and holistic well-being.
Rejuve (300 TC)
This is a therapeutic range collection with the benefits of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil. The range offers wrinkle-free bed sheets, and has a silky hand feel due to Jojoba oil. Aloe Vera helps the skin retain moisture and prevents it from drying and cracking and is also used to treat sunburnt skin.Jojoba oil helps to increases the moisture retention properties of the skin.Vitamin E has both moisturizing and anti-ageing properties by protecting the skin from harmful free radicals.All in all, the Rejuve range is like the ultimate skin care expert.
Personal Touch (300 TC)
Our skin sheds dead cells on a daily basis, while we are asleep. These cells remain on the sheets for a long duration of time, leading to bacterial and fungal growth. Prolonged presence of these also add odour to your sheets.Personal Touch range of sheets comes with special features of anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and also anti-odourproperties. So while you are catching up on your daily doze ofsleep, you remain protected.]
Mother’s Touch (300 TC)    
Mothers never compromise on their children’s health. Pollution, dust mites and allergens can cause allergic reactions in children. The range of Mother’s Touch bed sheets are treated with strong anti-allergens to help protect your children from seasonal and chronic illnesses when they are asleep.
Fahrenheit Sheets 37° (360 TC)
Every night, human body undergoes a remarkable temperature change.This extreme change of temperature sometimes causes discomfort while sleeping. The Fahrenheit sheets come with a special feature of absorbing heat, i.e. storing heat&releasing heat, as and when required by the body. This phase-changing material enables comfortable sleep. After a hard day’s work, earn yourselves those eight hours of undisruptive sleep. Add Fahrenheit sheets to your daily needs, for a healthy sleep.

Amongst the innovative offerings of bed linens, take a look at our other products that include comforters, draw sheets, coverlets and fitted sheets. Whether you are looking for the finest luxury sheets or want comfort matched with easy care; visit Boutique Living for a wide range of bed linen that suits every purpose and style. See more Boutique Living items on our website,

About Indo Count: Indo Count Industries Limited (ICIL) is an export oriented textile manufacturer headquartered in Mumbai, India. According to The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL), it is the second highest manufacturer and exporter of bed sheets, bed linen and quilts from India. It is among the top three bed sheet suppliers to the USA. ICIL manufactures products for some of the best brands in the global market viz. Debenhams, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sam’s Club, Laura Ashley, JC Penny, John Lewis, Walmart, Target, Macy’s to name a few. The company has a fully integrated facility at Kolhapur. Now, with a promise to bring the same quality of products to the Indian consumer,  through its subsidiary , Indo Count Retail Ventures P. Ltd ( ICRVL) ,  is launching its domestic home textile brand called ‘Boutique Living’ which will cater to the Indian market. For more information on Indo Count Industries, please visit


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