Kabali may shatter some of the financial milestones of Tollywood predicts GaneshaSpeaks.com

by Shrutee K/DNS

Chennai: Padma Bhushan awardee stylish superstar Mr. Rajnikanth holds the status as the Matinée Idol in the Southern parts of India, and also commands terrific awe and fame throughout India. Such is his influence as a megastar, that many even consider him as a 'Demi-God'. Significant highlights of the stardom of the actor were quite visible at the release of the teaser for Kabali in May 2016. India's number one and world’s number three Astrology portal – Ganeshaspeaks.com, studied the planetary alignments on the release day – 22nd July, 2016, and has predicted that Kabali would be one of the most watched films in the history of Cinema and it may break some of the financial milestones of  Tollywood.

With valuation of more than 100 crores, India’s number one and world’s number three Astrology portal – www.ganeshaspeaks.com, which has recently launched the World’s First 4K Zodiac Channel – Astroflix.com at the Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona, Spain, has predicted that Heavy-weight planets, Mars and Saturn are in conjunction in the 3rd House of Communication in the Release Chart of Kabali. This placement denotes an aggressive marketing campaign for the movie with various strategies and promotional events across the country. The results for these marketing activities will also be fruitful and it would help the movie bring great financial success. Moreover, 11th House of the Horoscope also represents gains through other means. Therefore, this film will also accumulate significant gains or benefits through endorsements and various other means.

The award winning portal has also said the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu is not favorable in most cases. However, Jupiter who is the 7th House Lord placed in conjunction with Rahu in the sign of fame – Leo, in the 12th House. It is a very beneficial placement as far as the Film industry is concerned and it could bring very favorable results for the film overseas as well.

About GaneshaSpeaks.com: GaneshaSpeaks.com is India's number one and world's third best Astrology portal with an accuracy rate of 85 to 90%. It was launched in 2003 by Mr. Bejan Daruwalla, a veteran astrologer of international repute. The portal now attracts over 5 million visitors to its web and telecom facilities. More than three hundred astrologers from GaneshaSpeaks.com's call centers provide 24 x 7 guidance and remedial solutions on career, business, finance, relationships etc. in ten Indian languages. It is also the world's first Astrology portal to publish books in print and online formats on Amazon’s Kindle and as applications on iOS and Android platforms. GaneshaSpeaks.com stands for accuracy, reliability and trust and consistently works towards making a positive difference to the lives of its customers.


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