Beardo Introduces the Beard Anthem “WhyFEARDOTheresBEARDO?” Featuring Rinosh George

by Shrutee K/DNS

Men’s grooming experts Beardo are back with yet another beard anthem - “WhyFEARDOTheresBEARDO?” featuring renowned independent music artist and actor, Rinosh George. The brand released its first beard anthem “Such a Beardo” in 2016, which garnered immense appreciation. Beardo is known for their bold and edgy ways of expression and connecting with men, and the new beard anthem “WhyFEARDOTheresBEARDO?” is just one of them. This catchy anthem is a fusion of English and Malayalam lyrics, and is specifically curated to communicate with men from South India, especially Kerala.
The brand has already gained massive popularity in the northern and western regions of India for their unique products catering to bearded men. Now, considering the love Keralites have for their rich culture and music, Beardo wanted to connect with them using a medium that they love.
Commenting on the new beard anthem, Ashutosh Valani, Co-founder, Beardo said, “We have always believed that every man with a proud beard is a Beardo. We understand that each state has its own identity, and having a proud Malayalee ‘Beardo’ on board would be the best way to connect with men in Kerala. What better way to tell people, ‘Why Fear do? There’s Beardo?’!” Beardo has always aimed to connect directly with their audiences, and it looks forward to continue on this route and reach out to them on a regional level. “WhyFEARDOTheresBEARDO?” is just the initial step of communication the brand has taken to connect with Keralites. The Beard Anthem has released on Rinosh George’s official YouTube channel and has garnered more than 200K views within a few

Checkout the beard anthem - WhyFEARDOTheresBEARDO?


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