Maha Madhumeha Mukti Sohala

by Shrutee K/DNS 
Mumbai: Maha Madhumeh Mukti Sohola was conducted on the same day at 6 different places across Maharashtra - The Kalidas Natyagruha, Mulund, Mumbai; Prabodhankar Thackeray Natyagruha, Borival Mumbai ; Tilak Smarak Mandir at Pune; Keshavrao Bhosale Natyagruha in Kolhapur, Yashwantrao Chavan auditorium, Aurangabad; IWWA auditorium, Nagpur and Madhavbaug’s Hospital, Kondhali, Nagpur.
The Sohola was attended by dignitaries from different sectors  of the society , including well-known cardiologists, diabetologists , dietitians and other socio-popular personalities .
The sohola for Aurangabad (Marathwada region) was attended by MD , Cardiologist Dr. Pankaj Joshi ,Former Assistant Professor of Nanded Government Medical College, Aurangabad, Dr. Suresh Kawthekar, E. N.T. Specialist Dr. Vivek Bhosale, Head of Nuclear Medicine Department of Sigma Hospital, Dr. Prafulla Jatale, Ranji cricketer Anant Narkar, Aurangabad municipal chairperson Mr.  Raju Vaidya. Shri.Kiran Deshpande Regional Manager, State Bank of India, and Dietitian Ms .Sneha Ved .
Nagpur Ceremony was attended by Nagpur's Guardian Minister Mr. Chandrashekhar Bavankule, Former Vidarbha FESCOM President- Shri. Babanrao Wankhede, Preventive Cardiologist Dr. Satish Posshtiwar, Dr. Harish Motwani , Dr. Uday Bodhankar MD pediatrics  Cardiologist Dr. Sengupta , Diabetologist Dr. Hasan ul Banna and  dietitian Nivedita Dande
Kolhapur Ceremony was attended by the well-known cardiologist Dr. Akshay Bafna, Dr. Saiprasad, Dr. Tanmay Vora and Dr. Gawde, diabetologist Zahir Ahmed Padweger, Sakal editor Dr. Shrirang Gaikwad, B. News Editor Charudatta Joshi and Taj Mullani
Pune Ceremony was attended by Head of the Medicine Department of Sahyadri Hospital Dr. Atul Joshi, renowned entrepreneur and speaker Pradeep Lokhande, FESCOM chairman Arun Rode, sports expert Vishwas Walawalkar will be present. Dietitian Archana Rairikar.
Central Mumbai Ceremony was attended by Dr. Anil Dixini Cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, diabetologist Dr. Bipin Daxini, Cardiologist Dr. Deepak Shinde, Kohinoor Hospital, Cardiologist at the Asian Heart Institute Dr. Manoj Garela, Dr.Vivek Kharolkar JJ Hospital , Nikhil Ballal and  dietician Priya Katpal
Western Mumbai Ceremony was attended by a famous cardiologist Dr. G. P. Ratnaparkhi and Dr. Hemant Khemani, Diabetologist Dr. Indumati Kuberan, Orthopedic expert Dr. Amit Munde, Ophthalmologist Dr. Amulya Sahu, Dietitian Ashwini Kanade, Surgeon Dr. Shere, and former Mumbai deputy collector Shri. Salve, as well as various dignitaries, will be present on the occasion.
Diabetes is believed to be a non-curable illness and that medicines or insulin is the only way to control blood sugar levels. However, Madhavbaug’s research has established when a diabetic patient maintains a proper diet, makes necessary lifestyle modifications and reduces weight, Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed. For this, Madhavbaug has created a special 'Prameha Diet Kit' so that the patient can maintain optimum calorie intake with good nutritional benefits.
This enables patients to achieve rapid control over raised sugar levels and hence reduction in medicines and external insulin. To check the effectiveness of this change, Oral Glucose Tolerance  test (GTT) was performed. The patients who had established control over blood sugar, were further found to have the ability to utilize the sugar, and so the test results were normal. These patients have proven to the world that diabetes can be completely reversed.This  achievement by Diabetic patients is truly unprecedented and deserving the highest appreciation. To celebrate the success of these Diabetes Reversal Heroes in the month of Global World Diabetes Day, Madhavbaug has organized the Maha Madhu Mehamukti Sohala.
On this day, the celebration event was organized in six different locations across Maharashtra on the same day.
The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT), is recognized worldwide for testing the ability to utilize body sugar. In Madhavbaug, a diabetic patient who does not take medicines and insulin is called for the test in morning for fasting sugar checkup. Then the patient is given 250 ml of 75 gms glucose (sugar) water to drink. After this, a blood test is done after a gap of one and two hours. After two hours, if the level of sugar is below 140 mg/dl then his body has the established the ability to utilize the sugar.
When the patients start Madhavbaug’s Comprehensive Diabetes Care Treatment, their signs and symptoms reduce,  their unwanted weight reduces significantly and the blood sugar levels gradually come to normal levels. Hence, their medicines and-or insulin levels are required to be reduced and are tapered accordingly. Then the monitoring of Diabetes is done by advanced HBA1c test.  Once the levels are normal even after stopping the medicines and insulin, these patients are advised to undergo the GTT test. When this examination also shows that the patient's body has regained the ability to utilize the  sugar, then these patients do not need to take medicines or insulin to control their sugar anymore.
The 5 pronged treatment of Madhavbaug and changes in the patient's lifestyle by keeping them in line with dietary regimen helps reduce the weight of the patient. The amount of fat stored at various places in the patient's body is reduced as well as the fat stored in muscles, the liver and pancreas is also reduced. The fat that surrounds the cells in the body  goes away. This leads to reduction in the insulin resistance in these patients. Once the naturally occurring insulin starts working actively, the sugar lying in the blood vessels starts entering body cells for utilization and the blood sugar levels are maintained at normal levels. In this way Type 2 diabetes is reversed.
The most important part of type 2 diabetes reversal  is the patient himself. Madhavbaug doctors give all  necessary knowledge and advice to the patients required to achieve the reversal. They thoroughly examine them and  explain them the science behind the treatment and choose appropriate treatment program as per their requirements. This provides the patient a clear path to follow the various lifestyle modifications like Diet regimen, exercise etc. The patients maintain an optimum control over their diet by using only the Madhavbaug diet kit. They also take efforts to curb their temptation moments, follow regular exercise and do timely Diabetes monitoring tests like HBA1c. The family members also support this activity and therefore the patients and their families have the lions share in the diabetes reversal journey. The Madhavbaug team of Doctors and clinic members actively act as facilitators for the patients. So far about 500 plus diabetic patients of Madhavbaug have reversed their diabetes successfully. On the occasion of the Maha Madhumeh Mukti Sohola, additional 700 plus diabetic patients  are undergoing the Glucose Tolerance Test on similar lines  as a proof of their diabetes reversal and will be felicitated for the same.


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