" Ergoshell Mattress can be Tailor Made to Suit Individual Body Requirements”

by Shrutee K/DNS

Foam Home has created the unique “ErgoShell” mattress to ensure that you enjoy the most precious experience in the world: a good night’s sleep. Innovatively crafted to deliver a perfect balance between comfort and technology, the ErgoShell is the world’s first mattress that is orthopedically designed for the right support with an absolute plush feel. The result of over four decades of research and development, with deep understanding and technical expertise, the ErgoShell mattress technology is pre-designed using pressure mapping devices, based on the average Indian sleeping patterns. Customers can customise their mattress as per their requirements with the help of the knowledgeable staff of the Experience Centre.

The ErgoShell mattress, first launched in Germany, is revolutionary mattress with a moulded shell holding vertical blocks of varying cushioning materials and firmness. It consists of three primary layers: the shell or base of the mattress which can be moulded with Flexible Polyurethane Foam, H R Foam, Memory Foam or Latex Foam. The shell gives strength and stability to the mattress and is often divided into a grid and base layer, for more flexibility. It is vertically divided into 7 zones which perfectly align to the individual contours of the body.

The concept of providing Support Blocks is based on the very simple science that when a big piece of foam block is cut into a smaller one, it breathes better, it feels softer, the depth of cushioning increases and overall it creates a much richer feel. The vertical support blocks can be filled individually into the shell with the required level of cushioning and comfort. These smaller pieces of foam blocks, preferably of Flexible Polyurethane, breathe better, are lighter and more economical, yet durable. One can replace worn-out blocks: no need to change the whole mattress.

The “comfort layer” on top can be made of single or multiple layers: there are many different options and combinations available It can either correspond to the quality of the shell or can be different, e.g. a memory foam shell can have a memory foam comfort layer which can make the mattress reversible at the same time of very premium quality. Alternatively an HR foam shell can have a memory foam comfort layer to design a more economical mattress. An ErgoShell mattress is orthopedically designed with the most advanced technology, using best-in-class materials to deliver a plush and luxurious feel. ErgoShell guarantees perfect support and comfort to the neck, shoulders and the spine. Your optimum comfort mattress, tailored to your body weight, your height, age, lifestyle and preferences is easily customized with ErgoShell. The outer covering is made up of special High Definition fabric with great strength, extreme softness, sanitised and is anti-dust mite treated. Get it now and reap the rewards of a tranquil sleep, night after night.

So visit your nearest Foam Home experience centre and find your perfect mattress for a perfect snooze!

Price range starts from: ₹22,000/- for Single Bed and ₹43,500/- for Double Bed.

About Foam Home:Established in 1979 as a mattress store, Foam home is a family concern, the first of its kind in India. Over the years, Foam home has established itself as a reputed brand dealing in high quality bedding products and has partnered with prestigious international brands to spearhead several technological advancements in the industry.

Website: www.foamhome.in
Phone: (022) 23515234 / 5053 / 4135
Experience Centre: Foam Home, 69, Girnar Building, Opp. Film Centre, Next to Victoria Blind School, Tardeo Road, Mumbai – 400 034


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